Sensor English S.I.
Force Range per model
MCSG-B-127-125 125 lb .56 kN
Accuracy 1.25% Full Scale 1.25% Full Scale
Maximum Temperature – Connector 185 °F 85 °C
Maximum Temperature – Standard Sensor Head 250 °F 121 °C
Maximum Temperature – Hi-Temp Sensor Head 425 °F 218 °C
COD: Y6UJ9A00058Y Category:

125# Multi-Channel Strain Gage

A ½” button, Multi-Channel Strain Gage, indirect (under the pin) Cavity Pressure Sensor that can withstand a force range of 125 pounds and a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Sensor lengths over 48” are an additional $50.00 each.

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