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Injection Molding Training

Online and In-Person Options

Gain real-world injection molding experience from industry experts where and when you need it—online self-paced training, virtual instructor led training, in your facility, or in one of our fully equipped training centers.
Innovative Technology

Cutting-Edge Software & Hardware

Get a competitive advantage through gaining complete control over your injection molding processes and producing more quality parts for less.
Expert Consulting

Industry-Leading Experts

Our expert consultants have been in your shoes—they are engineers, processors, designers, and plant managers who fully understand the day-to-day struggle and have mastered conquering it.



training facilities across 7 countries


creator of the world-renowned Master Molder® program



machines equipped worldwide



sensors sold worldwide



qualified trainers across 8 countries



combined years industry experience


RJG Academy

Our global in-person and online training courses are led by industry experts with real-world injection molding experience. Join the elite group of RJG graduates who have enhanced their careers and their lives around the world.

“We reduced our scrap from 2% to 0.8% within 2 years and have saved over $173,000 in machine time. In addition, we were able to reduce customer complaints by 59% with RJG’s training.”

Ernest Freeman
Molding Supervisor Century Mold

Invest in your workforce with industry-leading experts

With over 500 years of combined experience in scientific molding, our trainers transfer their knowledge and industry experience through a variety of courses fit for every experience level.

Software Technology

Reduce scrap, save money, & improve quality with our advanced software

We continue to strive for more, push the boundaries, and create the most innovative technology available in the industry.


Stand out from your competition and gain complete control of your injection molding processes with the most innovative and intuitive technology in the industry.

The Hub®

Harness the industry’s latest, most advanced data management system to quickly see how all of your machines are performing so you can address issues, make informed decisions, and jump start process development from anywhere in the world.

eDART® System

The original digital data acquisition and process control system in the injection molding industry.


A high-tech, FDA compliant software that allows you to optimize your injection molding processes and deliver the highest quality parts at optimum cycle times.

Hardware Technology

See what’s happening inside your mold to improve data & knowledge

Add a deeper understanding of what is happening with every aspect of the molding machine and plastic as it makes its way into the mold.

“After 11 injection molding machines and more than 35 molds were equipped with pressure sensor controls, our scrap went from 1.25% to .25%, and our daily output went from 99,000 connectors to 150,000.”

Jamey Cates
Senior Process Engineer TI Automotive


Gather information from inside the cavity, at the heart of the process, to gain the information needed to assure quality on every shot.

Auxiliary Hardware

Ensure you have the proper equipment to implement process control and gather data from various functions of the injection molding machine or auxiliary equipment.


Expert consulting where and when you need it

Are you facing a unique situation, launching a new tool, or just getting started in the injection molding industry? Whatever your struggle or opportunity, we have the solution.

“Our work with TZERO provided significant improvements in all areas that will save the company an estimated $4 million per year in piece price.”

Jeremy Williams
Principal Engineer Access Business Group, LLC.

TZERO Consulting

TZERO offers holistic art-to-part consultancy with unique, case-by-case solutions for your unique challenge.

Process Consulting

No matter how big or small your challenge, our expert consultants will work one-on-one with you to find a solution to get your processes running perfectly.