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Materials Technology: Charlotte, North Carolina, 2020-11-02

Course Highlights

Day One
  • Thermosetting (Thermoplastics materials and process)
  • Thermoplastics
  • Structure/manufacture
  • Terminology and examples
  • Homopolymer, Co-Polymer, Terpolymer, Alloys
  • Elements that affect the moulding process
  • Temperature and its effects
  • Theory and practical – Run parts at low temps, run parts at high temp.  Look at pressures and outputs.
  • Melt Flow Rate
  • Theory and practical – Test MFR of parts ran at high and low temps. Also Regrind versus virgin. 1 material vs another.
  • Molecular orientation
  • Theory and practical – Show the orientation of polymers within a molded plaque
Day Two
  • Flow behaviour of thermoplastics materials (injection time/speed)
  • Theory/practical – Observe plastic effects speed has on injection time and pressure
  • Gate shear rates
  • Injection speed versus component weight
  • Theory and practical – Weight parts through speed changes
  • Extent of moulded in stress within moulded component
  • Theory/practical- Different hold pressures and time and their effects on strength, mold parts and test tensile bars or charpy.
Day Three
  • Molecular structure for thermoplastics materials
  • Amorphous/semi-crystalline
  • Shrinkage behaviour of thermoplastic materials
  • Amorphous, semi-crystalline
  • Theory / practical – Mold semi crystalline and amorphous materials at varying mold temperatures to compare the shrinkage of the two materials.
  • Theory/practical – Mold parts with semi crystalline and amorphous.  Measure them right out the press and 24 hours later.
Day Four
  • Plastics additives
  • Colorants used with thermoplastics materials
  • Effect on shrinkage
  • Effect on moulding process and component properties
  • Practical – Mold parts with 3 different types of colorant.  See the effects of weight and shrinkage.
  • Identification of different thermoplastic materials

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Charlotte, North Carolina

Dates November 2, 2020 – November 5, 2020
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