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Harness the power of plastic to combat common electronic industry challenges

Dimensional Variation

Inconsistent quality due to high pressure processes, high cavitation molds, or thin walls can lead to increased scrap rates, downtime, and shipping poor quality parts.

Consistent Part Quality

Significantly reduce the effects of material variation, know when a process sways, automatically sort suspect parts, and create the same part again and again.

Equipment Damage

Improper mold and machine matching can damage equipment, causing significant cost, downtime, and waste.

Machine Matching

Prevent damage and poor quality parts with machine recommendations for each mold. Quickly know which machines are compatible to run the mold.

Trial and Error Testing

Trial and error testing leads to higher scrap rates, machine downtime, equipment damage, and overall production costs.

Systematic Root Cause Troubleshooting

Quickly decipher the root cause of production problems, match templates to know when a process strays, and gain meaningful data analytics from inside the mold.

Time and Cost Waste

High scrap rates, inconsistent quality, lengthy cycle times, and shipping suspect parts have serious impacts on operational efficiency and revenue.

Cost Savings

Gain consistent part weight and optimized cycle times using templates, alarms, and DECOUPLED MOLDING® processing techniques.

How electronics molders save money with RJG

With our custom end-to-end solutions, electronics molders are able to reduce part variability in high-cavity, thin-wall, high-tolerance, and high pressure processes. They can also easily match templates to other machines to make mold transfers quick and painless with our process control and networking systems. Training ensures staff are running as efficiently and competently as possible while speaking the same language across departments.

How are we different from other injection molding solutions companies?

See why electronics molders choose us as their strategic partners

We offer instant customer support

You have a dedicated team of contacts at your disposal, including your account manager, technical representative, and customer support representative.

Our equipment is ever-evolving

The CoPilot® is an open architecture to offer you a unique experience in the future, and The Hub® offers one-of-a-kind analytics and tool launch tools to bring you into Industry 4.0.

We build custom solutions tailored for you

We create custom solutions built around your unique challenges, supporting you on all fronts—from training to technology and everything in between.

We have a global footprint

With locations around the world, we are able to deliver the same experience, the same message in a multitude of countries and languages. That means standard processes and equipment at every facility globally.

Electronics molders that have improved quality and output


Training that Helps Our Customers Excel

“The first indication of return on investment was the cycle time improvements, followed by the definition and standardization of the molding process and quality improvement.”

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