Bosch Testimonial: Training that Helps Our Customers Excel

The Challenge

The main problem for us is standardization—keeping a consistent process and a step-by-step guide to get the process back. The lack of both bring big repercussions to the quality of the final product. Customers require a lot of information on the quality evaluation, which can be difficult to gather and sometimes proper documentation doesn’t even exist.

The Solution

I heard of RJG from my boss four years ago and attended a Systematic Molding for Liquid Silicone Rubber course in 2015. It was eye opening to learn how to handle the process from the plastic’s point of view, and I learned that we can have standardized steps to get the process back. I continued onto Systematic Molding and obtained my Master Molder® I (MMI) certification in 2017.

The Result

Since my training, the process has improved both in silicone and plastic injection, and I have a better understanding of the process and improvements that can be made. The first indication of return on investment was the cycle time improvements, followed by the definition and standardization of the molding process and quality improvement.
Nowadays, our silicone process is the most stable at our facility. If a problem arises, I can get a process back in less than thirty minutes. One of my main takeaways from training is to document everything. Coming back from MMI, I parametrized every machine and mold using the process and tests I had learned. After testing four molds, I discovered that the process was set up incorrectly. These tests lead to developing an improvement initiative that will save our company half a million dollars annually.

The three consultants who have worked with me throughout my training path have provided me with the confidence to handle my own process. Their support when I reached out to them in each moment of doubt has been great. We plan to continue working with RJG in the future, including participating in their Master Molder® II program. RJG’s method of training made a huge impact on our company and will continue to make a difference in the industry as a whole.

Jose Bando Huerta
Mechanical Process and Molding Engineer
Robert Bosch Sistemas Automotrices SA de CV

About Bosch

Bosch is a global leader in the electronic industry. Our facility in Cd. Juarez Mexico is currently serving leaders in the automotive industry by providing high quality, high precision plastic and silicone injected parts. Bosch began operations in Mexico in 1955, importing for the local automotive, electrical, and diesel products—both aftermarket and original equipment. Since then, Bosch has been involved in industrial development and contributes to the growth of Mexico.