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Combat common challenges through investing in your team

High Turnover Rate

Dissatisfied employees who feel under appreciated and overly stressed tend to switch jobs more often.

Employee Morale

Employees who feel their company is investing in them tend to be more efficient and dedicated to quality.

Increased Waste

Lack of training tends to cause more trial and error techniques and uncertainty, leading to increased time and scrap.

Equipment Expertise

Understanding equipment and processes leads to more efficient problem solving and confident decision-making.

Poor Efficiency

Untrained staff take more time to produce fewer quality parts due to their lack of processing knowledge.

Improved Processes

Understanding the science behind molding allows staff to better build and maintain good processes.

Low Communication

Lack of communication leads to confusion, misalignment, inconsistency, and frustration across organizations.

Standard Procedures

Standardizing procedures and getting everyone speaking the same language improves consistency and quality.

How employers save costs with RJG training

Many employers use our training program to fast-track mechanically inclined, motivated entry-level personnel into higher level technical positions, thus saving recruitment time and money.


How are we different from other training companies?

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We have real-world experience

Our trainers have been in your shoes—they are molders, engineers, designers, and plant managers. We have seen first hand the day-to-day struggles on the ground and have developed solutions that we’re passionate about sharing.

Our end-to-end support

We don’t just offer processing training. We are there from napkin sketch to production and have the technology to solve any challenges you may be facing. We won’t just tell you what to do then hand you off to do it alone.

Our client-centered training strategies

Every training course is built around you. If you need certain topics covered more than others, we will adjust to ensure you get the most out of it possible. No two sessions are ever exactly the same.

We have a global footprint

With training facilities around the world, we are able to deliver the same experience, the same message in a multitude of countries and languages. That means your entire team will be on the same page, no matter where they’re located.

Companies that closed their skills gap

Century Mold

Training Unlike Any Other

“We’ve been able to establish and maintain more robust processes and improve the overall consistency of our parts.”

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Reduction in scrap




Savings in machine time

Mack Molding

Producing Quality Parts from the Start

“Since starting to work with RJG, we have significantly improved our capabilities to develop and manage effective processes that produce positive results.”

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Dana Molded

Validating Medical Molded Parts with Confidence

“We have greatly improved the quality of our products and can now document and validate the results with confidence. “

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Tribar Manufacturing

Improving the Tool Launch Process

“Training has provided us with better communication and decision making, a major benefit that has greatly improved the way we operate.”

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Windsor Mold Group

Standardizing Processes Across the Globe

“Their systematic injection molding training has helped with our effort to standardize our processes by providing us with a solid foundation of knowledge.”

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Take our online Training Placement Questionnaire to see what course is right for you.


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