New Data Transfer Tool: Migrate Data from eDART to CoPilot Seamlessly… And for a Limited Time, We’ll Do It for You (FREE)!

We are now offering a new data migration tool so eDART® users can transfer their data to the CoPilot® quickly and seamlessly, and to make it even easier, we are willing to do the data transfer for you free of charge for a limited time.

We are proud to announce this game-changing development in data transfer capabilities. You can now seamlessly transfer essential mold and process configurations and template data from the eDART system to the CoPilot, ushering in a new era of efficiency and productivity. To celebrate this exciting innovation, we are offering limited-time assistance to clients looking to make the transition.

The eDART system has long been recognized for its exceptional ability to monitor and control various aspects of the injection molding process, but we are making the transition over to the new CoPilot System. CoPilot is the industry’s latest process control system that offers complete visibility and traceability in a user-friendly platform that makes it easier than ever to fix a process, no matter your experience level.

To support you during this transition from eDART to CoPilot, we are offering limited-time assistance free of charge, ensuring a smooth onboarding experience and helping you hit the ground running without having to recreate templates on each CoPilot. Our team of experts will complete the data transfer and ensure its accuracy while working closely with you to facilitate a seamless transition.

This integration comes as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering innovative solutions that empower manufacturers to improve their production processes, enhance product quality, and drive operational excellence.

For more information about the data transfer tool or to see if you qualify, please visit: or contact RJG Customer Support at for inquiries and support.