Multi-Channel Strain Gage System for High Cavitation Molds

The Multichannel Strain Gage system simplifies the installation of strain gage cavity pressure sensors in high cavitation molds. The adaptor greatly decreases the footprint on the mold that was previously needed for multi-sensor installations. By moving the Multichannel Adapter electronics off the mold, this system increases reliability, and because the adapter can be used on multiple molds, it also reduces sensor cost. The multi-channel cavity pressure solution, unique to RJG, allows injection molders to connect up to eight strain-gage sensors to one connection point on the mold.

“We knew that customers struggled with the amount of hardware involved with multi-cavity molds, and because we already had multi-channel solution for piezoelectric sensors, we realized that customers would also benefit from the cost reductions of a strain gage solution,” stated Curt Otto, RJG’s Engineering Manager. He continued, “Implementing our Multi-Channel Strain Gage solution reduces the per mold cost by up to 40% over single channel strain gage and up to 26% over our multi-channel piezo solution.”