Medron Testimonial: Doubling Output, Reducing Scrap

The Challenge

As part of the FLEXAN LLC family of medical device manufacturing companies, MEDRON specializes in product development, design for manufacturability, and production of thermoplastic molded and extruded components. Our customers are in the top 100 of medical device OEMs worldwide. Over the years, we have supported a wide variety of projects for our customers. During a recent project, we faced molding inconsistencies due to resin variability from lot to lot. We also wanted to optimize our insert molding process and maximize throughput of automatic injection molding processes. We had explored operator training, requiring tighter resin specifications, changing mold designs, and more. Some of these items improved results, but not to the extent we were looking for.

The Solution

We first heard about RJG from other colleagues in the injection molding industry and decided to start working with them in 2013. After our engineers completed the RJG Systematic Molding training, we decided to implement Decoupled II molding techniques in process validations for new products. We opted for RJG’s training because it was highly recommended by others who had completed it. It was a good fit for us because it was on-site, only one week, and the trainer was very knowledgeable. We were able to participate in several demonstrations and activities, which made it more interactive and memorable.

The Result

Our first indication of increased quality and cost savings was the significant increase in throughput. We are now able to make more than twice as many parts in the same amount of time—one process part output increased from 16,000 to 40,000 parts per day. Our scrap rates have also decreased significantly since implementation. We now have a more robust injection molding process that is less sensitive to resin lot to lot variability thanks to Decoupled II molding. We are interested in learning about the benefits of other RJG equipment and will evaluate a plan for implementation. RJG products and training provides our customers with better on-time delivery, better part quality and consistency, and allows us to better meet product growth needs.

Christopher Weaver
Project Engineer


MEDRON LLC, now part of FLEXAN LLC, is a recognized leader by global medical device OEMs for its strength in product development and design for manufacturability. They manufacture numerous life-saving medical device assemblies in addition to other outsourcing services including, high-volume manufacturing, customer private label capability, and thermoplastic extrusion services.