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Don't Punch Your Mold in the Face

A Word of Wisdom on Tonnage from RJG Consultant Shane Vandekerkhof

An issue that I continually see at customers is running a mold in a machine with inappropriate tonnage. There are a slew of issues that can occur if this problem continues. First, we need to remember that when you clamp up a tool that the cavities are full of air, and we need to let that air out. To do this, toolmakers install a small channel in the parting line to let the air escape.
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(We don't like to brag...but our consultants are really really smart. We'd love to have them share more of their knowledge with here to let us know what sort of processing problems you'd like to hear about.)

Hold a Machine Maintenance Workshop in Your Plant
Machine performance is critical to part quality! Make sure your machines are functioning properly with this three day in-plant course that is designed for machine maintenance personnel responsible for upkeep, troubleshooting and preventive maintenance of injection molding machines and auxiliary equipment. It is common in the industry that maintenance personnel are not trained to recognize how machine performance affects final part quality. That’s why it is important that maintenance personnel understand why testing the machine performance is critical to achieving consistent part quality. Click here for more details.
New Course Offering!
Scientific Cooling™
RJG is excited to offer Burger & Brown Engineering's Scientific CoolingTM course! This comprehensive two-day class is for designers, mold builders, tooling engineers, and mold technicians who want to better understand and control the effects of mold cooling resulting in more robust mold designs, mold builds, and molding processes.

Participants will learn the tools necessary to analyze heat energy and the mold cooling management required to produce consistent, profitable parts. Participants will also learn to systematically challenge the design of new molds and uncover issues with existing molds through a development of best practices for mold cooling management.

After successful class completion with a minimum test score of 70%, you will earn a scientific cooling certificate, and you'll have the tools to implement scientific cooling principles in your molding process.

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Course date/location:
Woodstock, GA
March 22-23, 2016

Passed Master MolderTM I? Take it to the next level!

Don't stop now! Master Molder II will give you the knowledge to further improve your process and make better parts by utilizing cavity pressure control strategies to accomplish Decoupled III techniques. Participants will leave the course with an understanding of the improvements Decoupled III provides for process repeatability and robustness. The course covers the proper use of instrumentation and how to achieve process control solutions utilizing Decoupled III processing techniques. You will learn how monitoring techniques are used to detect and contain suspect parts and how to do accurate machine and mold qualifications. Click here for more details and upcoming courses.

Master Molder II gives one an understanding of mold processes and why we have the problems we do with consistency. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to better themselves or further their career.
Charles Arnold – ITW Fastex

New Additions to our Consulting Team

Our employees are what make this company great, so we don't take hiring lightly. Not to mention, our consultants need A LOT of knowledge and experience to keep up with the needs and challenges that our customers face. Join us in welcoming four new consultants to RJG's very busy training and consulting department!

Dusty Meyer

Dusty comes to us with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Technology with an emphasis on plastics technology. He recently worked as an Advanced Processing Manager at a custom molder. He will be focusing on delivering Injection Molding Essentials, Math for Molders, and Systematic Molding classes in the US. Welcome aboard, Dusty!

Jeremy Williams

Jeremy has over 15 years of experience in the plastics industry, starting as a Mold Setter working his way to becoming a Principal Engineer. He has served the medical, automotive, furniture and appliance markets. He also brings a vast amount of knowledge in part design, mold construction, robotics and secondary operations. In addition to his manufacturing background Jeremy holds degrees in plastics and in business. Welcome to the team, Jeremy!

Rich Burfield
Rich comes to RJG with over twenty years in the injection molding industry. Rich studied plastics at Elgin Community College and has since managed a 70 press shop and assembly department and has played a major roll in two new plant designs, from infrastructure to selecting support equipment. Welcome, Rich!
Jorge Banderas

Jorge holds a Master’s degree in Engineering Sciences and is a Mechanical Industrial Engineer. He speaks Spanish as well as English and will be conducting training in Mexico. Jorge has 14 years of experience in the industry. Bienvenido, Jorge!

New Additions to RJG China
Please join us in welcoming Liu Chang to the RJG China office. Liu is the new office administrator and will handle documenting, custom clearance, filing, shipping, and invoicing for the China team. Liu is an avid hiker with a Bachelor's degree in Geology. Welcome, Liu!
Are your eDART's™ running the latest version?
Version 10 eDART users can now download version 10.7 from our website. Improvements include: Cycle Graph pop-up annotator is now replaced by a fixed location cycle values and balance viewer, and Excessive Rejects clear function now has it's own security item called "Excessive Rejects".

Version 9 users can download Version 9.4.1 Some improvements include: Support added for Dual Analog Burger Brown Flow meters, Lynx protocol 3 multi-channel strain gauge support added to Lynx driver, and cycle times less then 2 seconds now allowed.
RJG in the News...
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G&A Moulding Technology and RJG Ireland combine forces

G&A Moulding Technology and RJG Ireland to rebrand as RJG Technologies Ltd

Upcoming Industry Events
February 9
Anaheim, CA
Plastec West - Visit RJG in booth #3955
See eDARTs running in Maruka's booth #3977 and in Toshiba's booth #3861
March 8
Mexico City, Mexico
Plastimagen - Visit RJG in booth #657
March 29 - 31
New Orleans, LA
Molding 2016
April 25 - 28
Shanghai, China
Chinaplas - Visit RJG in booth #R01
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RJG Events and Training
- Upcoming Available Seats!
Seminar schedule through June 2016 is on our website!
January 25 - 28
Peterborough, England
Fundamentals of Injection Molding
January 26 - 28
Peterborough, England
Module 3 - Materials Technology
January 26 - 28
Largo, FL
Systematic Molding
February 2 - 4
Strongsville, OH
Systematic Molding
February 9 - 12
Injection Molding Essentials
February 15 - 18
Peterborough, England
High Performance Molding
February 15 - 27
Traverse City, MI
Master Molder II
February 16
Woodstock, GA
Math for Molders
February 17 - 18
Woodstock, GA
Injection Molding Essentials
February 23 - 25
Peterborough, England
Mould Design Course
February 23 - 25
Troy, MI
Successful Strategies for Tool Launches
Click here to view all available classes.
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