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4 Variables, 7 Questions

A word of wisdom on how to determine what changed in your process, from RJG Consultant, Chris Nomura.

Anyone who has been through RJG training is familiar with the concept of the Four Plastics Variables. The Four Plastics Variables (4PVs) are a way of breaking the process down into four components in order to help us understand what is actually affecting part quality, separate from machine settings. Our natural inclination is to look at the process from the perspective of machine settings. If you look at most setup sheets, you will see things like barrel temperature, injection speed, or mold heater temperature. Looking below you will see that our setup sheet is very different. Click here for more.

Coming Soon: A smaller, low cost cavity pressure sensor!

RJG has been developing a smaller, low cost cavity pressure sensor for behind-the-ejector-pin installations. Some benefits of this sensor include:

  • Smaller size
  • Custom cable lengths
  • Robust cables that can be bent without damage
  • Resistant to contamination
  • Fits into existing 6 mm pockets
  • Designed with high cavitation molds in mind

We will start beta testing this Spring. If you are interested in trying this sensor, send us an email!


New for MAPP Members! Receive a 10% discount the 1st time you use RJG's injection molding simulation services. Click here to see all member benefits.

Reduce costs and time associated with design for manufacturing

Ever wondered if there were enhanced methods to reduce time and waste in the design for manufacturing? Collaborative manufacturing through systematic molding adds transparency and reduces the costs and time associated with design for manufacturing. This approach provides a framework for collaboration between engineering and manufacturing in reviewing part design and simulating, educating, optimizing, and assessing the mold development process to avoid molding uncertainties. Making changes down the line in the tool launch process is expensive. It is important to catch any necessary adjustments early and launch the tool using a documented scientific plan. Click here for the full article by TZER0™ Manager, Doug Espinoza Or to learn more this information will be presented this June at the Amerimold Conference.

RJG's first Part Design course is a success!
RJG just launched a Part Design course which teaches attendees to save costs by avoiding mold re-work and getting the part designed right the first time. This course provides molders, tool makers and design engineers with a common language and the universal knowledge required to successfully design and produce plastic injection molded parts. Class topics will address good manufacturing practices (GMP) for plastic part design, fundamental material characteristics, basic tooling concepts, necessary processing characteristics, molding non-conformities and tolerances. It will also discuss how part design and material selection effect the cost of tooling and piece price.
This class is currently available as a custom course in your plant and we hope to release a public version soon. Email us for more details.
New Equipment in Our Labs!

Woodstock, GA lab recently received the following new equipment: Cognex Inspection Camera, Sartorius Moisture Analyzer and Scale, and a Milacron Roboshot Injection Molding Machine.

Traverse City lab recently received the following new equipment: Matsui Dryer, Sodick GL 100 injection molding machine, and a Toyo Si-55-6 injection molding machine.

A huge thank you to our lab partners for helping us innovate! Click here for a full list of our lab partners.

Plastic Components, Inc. (PCI) Completes Fully Automated Facility
Today, every press PCI brings in is hard-wired with RJG controllers and every mold has RJG sensors. "The only way you can run an essentially unattended facility like Bunsen Drive 24/7 is to know the process is in control for every shot," said Tom Duffey, President of Plastic Components Inc. "Sensors let us know of any anomaly in the run and the parts conveyor reverses itself to move those parts to a different container. If this happens three times, an alarm goes off and the press shuts down. That alerts the process engineers at the Morse Drive facility, and someone drives the 45 seconds over to the Bunsen Drive facility to address the problem."  Click here for Plastics Today's article on PCI's new facility.
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A Day in the Life of an RJG Consultant/Trainer

Ever wonder what RJG's consultant/trainers go through on a regular basis to serve our customers' training and consulting needs? Selfishly, neither have we. Until now. Click here for a little story about a recent adventure a couple of RJG's "road warriors" were unlucky enough to experience.

And let's take a moment and give a sincere "thank you" to all of RJG's road warriors for their dedication to RJG and to our customers.

Are your eDART's™ running the latest version?
Version 10 eDART users can now download version 10.7 from our website. Improvements include: Cycle Graph pop-up annotator is now replaced by a fixed location cycle values and balance viewer, and Excessive Rejects clear function now has it's own security item called "Excessive Rejects".

Version 9 users can download Version 9.4.1 Some improvements include: Support added for Dual Analog Burger Brown Flow meters, Lynx protocol 3 multi-channel strain gauge support added to Lynx driver, and cycle times less then 2 seconds now allowed.

Upcoming Industry Events
March 8
Mexico City, Mexico
Plastimagen - Visit RJG in booth #657
March 29 - 31
New Orleans, LA
Molding 2016 - Visit RJG in booth #10 (Use 'RJGVIP' when registering for a 25% discount)
April 18 - 19
Novi, MI
Moldex3D User Conference - RJG presents: Key Interactions with Simulation and Part Design
April 25 - 28
Shanghai, China
Chinaplas - Visit RJG in booth Hall E2 booth #R21
May 8 - 11
Charleston, SC
Plastics in Motion
June 14 - 15
Novi, MI
Amerimold - RJG presents: Reduce Costs and Time by Adding Transparency with Collaborative Manufacturing through Systematic Molding
June 14 - 15
Telford, England
Plastics Design & Moulding - Visit RJG in booth #B029
June 14 - 16
New York, NY
Plastec East - Visit RJG in booth #630
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RJG Events and Training
- Upcoming Available Seats!
Classes are alway being added. See the full schedule on our website!
March 7 - 10
Peterborough, England
Fundamentals of Injection Moulding
March 8 - 10
Chihuahua, Mexico
Systematic Molding
March 8 - 10
Chengdu, China
Systematic Molding - Click here to register in Chinese / English
March 8 - 10
Elk Grove Village, IL
Systematic Molding
March 15 - 17
Peterborough, England
Module 1 - Melt Preparation & Plasticisation
March 17 - 31
Grand Rapids Community College, MI
Systematic Molding
March 28 - April 8
Woodstock, GA

Master Molder I - This course if full. Go to our website to join the wait list.
March 29 - 31
Ossian, IN
Systematic Molding for Liquid Silicone Rubber
April 4 - 7
Peterborough, England
High Performance Moulding
April 5 - 7
Salt Lake City, UT
Systematic Molding
April 11 - 14
Peterborough, England
Fundamentals of Injection Moulding
April 12
Chengdu, China
Technology Day - Click here to register in Chinese / English
April 12 - 14
Leipzig, Germany

Systematic Molding - Click here for details and to register
April 12 - 14
Peterborough, England
Module 3 - Materials Technology
Click here to view all available classes.
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