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The Transformation of RJG Training
Research has shown that 80% of lecture-based learning is forgotten a day later. Over the years RJG has transformed our teaching techniques to overcome this obstacle and create the most effective training courses possible. We've worked with experts and internal teams during implementation of three specific transformations. Click here to read about how RJG revolutionizes the plastics processing training industry while continuing to advance to meet our customers' needs.
Reduce Medical Validation Costs

For many medical molders, the cost of revalidation prevents them from moving molds between presses. The results are high costs and inefficiencies in press utilization. Click here for an article featured in Medical Product Outsourcing magazine on strategies for dramatically reducing revalidation costs using Universal Setup Sheets and in-cavity data. These techniques are being used successfully by highly respected device manufacturers and custom molders. Or click here for further info on how RJG helps medical molders.

Upgrade your old eDARTTM
for just $1,750!
If you have an eDART purchased in 2011 you can upgrade the box for a brand new model for just $1,750. But you must do so by the end of the year! In 2016 the trade-in value of these eDARTs will decrease and the upgrade will cost $3,000. You can verify that your eDART is from 2011 if the serial number starts with 11. Contact sales for details.
Piezo 9211 sensors available quickly!
RJG's piezoelectric 6mm (9211) in-mold pressure sensors are available with just a one week lead time. Not only can you get these popular sensors quickly but they come with RJG's world class support. Contact sales today!
The Sensor eValuator
Coming December! The new Sensor eValuator provides tool builders and molders alike a way to test up to 30 in-mold sensors at one time for proper operation. Testing sensors prior to putting the mold into production can save a considerable amount of lost production and troubleshooting time. The product offers an easy-to-use interface on a tablet. Contact us for details.
Product Spotlight: Cost Effective Way to Monitor Your Water Lines
RJG will now offer Burger and Brown’s new Smartflow Flowmeters. This product gives you the ability to easily see if there are any changes in the mold coolant flow rates or coolant temperatures. Detecting changes in the flow rate and the coolant temperature can help prevent problems with parts due to insufficient cooling. The product attaches to your water lines and connects to the eDART System via a Flow-Temperature Sensor Interface (IA2-M-FT). Templates and alarms can be set around the readings from the Smartflow Flowmeter and easily viewed and managed from your eDART System. This product is engineered to be more robust, cost effective, and easier to integrate with the eDART System than prior solutions.

Contact us for details OR click here for a full list of all Smartflow Meters available.

The TZER0™ Team Addition
Reduce the cost and time wasted on multiple tool adjustments during a tool launch with RJG's new TZER0 program. This engineering/consulting service works with the engineering and manufacturing departments to develop a systematic process before the tool is even cut. We take our revolutionized processing techniques upstream and apply scientific principles to the part/tool design aspect of the manufacturing process.
Andrew Rosek - TZER0 CAE Specialist
Andrew has been with RJG for over 12 years as engineering/consulting support. He has experience in mold simulation software such as Sigma, Moldflow, and Moldex3D as well as sound knowledge of injection molding process, and is Master MolderSM certified. Andrew will now take on the new role in the TZER0 department as a CAE specialist. This position provides technical guidance for customers to solve challenging molding and mold simulation problems, provides molding expertise to improve product manufacturability, design, and customer objectives. Congrats, Drew!
New Course Added: Systematic Molding for LSR
Systematic Molding for LSR is an introduction course for anyone who wants to develop a systematic approach to molding products with liquid silicone rubber. Success of a molding project occurs when there is an understanding of the whole process from part design through finished part. This course will provide the fundamentals for building a robust and repeatable process.

Next course is March 29 - 31 in Ossian, IN. Click here for details or to register.
Did You Know?
RJG is Heavily Involved in the Community
2015 Manufacturing Day
RJG was a host facility for Manufacturing Day, giving presentations and tours to local junior high and high school students. This event creates an opportunity for students to visit local manufacturing sites and see what the industry is really like. The goal is to expand students’ knowledge of the reality of modern manufacturing and become aware of future opportunities that are available for them in the industry.
Bras for a Cause
This fundraising event allows people to create/decorate bras to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to local cancer patients in need of medical support. Did we mention the bras are then modeled by men? RJG beefcake and project engineer, Mike Groleau, dazzled the runway and modeled the Engineered 3D Printed Lift & Light Bra. This exotic plastic light-up bra was designed and created in house by a team of creative RJG employees.

Upcoming Industry Events
October 22 - 23
Indianapolis, IN
MAPP Benchmarking Conference - Booth #10
November 4 - 6
Guadalajara, Mexico
Expo Plasticos - Booth #843
November 17 - 20
Paris, France
Midest - Booth #D180 in Hall 6
November 25
Paris, France
Remember: Trained employees save you time and money!
Upcoming RJG Events and Training

Seminar schedule through June 2016 is on our website!
October 27 - 29
Gladenbach, Germany
Systematic Molding - Contact us for details
November 3 - 15
Elk Grove Village, IL
Successful Strategies for Tool Launches
November 3 - 5
Batavia, OH
Systematic Molding
November 17 - 19
Peterborough, England
Module 1- Melt Preparation & Plasticisation
November 24 - 26
Leipzig, Germany
Systematic Molding
November 24 - 26
Suzhou, China
Systematic Molding
Click here for info: English / Chinese
November 24 - 26
Peterborough, England
Module 2 - Process Control Technology
Nov. 30 - Dec. 3
Peterborough, England
High Performance Moulding
Click here to view all available classes.
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