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Another NPE Down!
The record-setting NPE 2015 was a huge success! RJG would like to extend a huge thanks to our NPE partners for their help in promoting RJG at the show: Burger & Brown Engineering, Milacron, Negri Bossi, Nissei, Sodick, Sumitomo-Demag, Toshiba, Maruka/Toyo, Wittman Battenfeld, and Yushin America.
The New eDART System Manager - Coming Summer 2015
The eDART SystemTM Manager (ESM) is a complete virtual solution for managing your eDART network. With the ESM, getting an eDART up and running is as simple as plugging it into the network. It will become the centerpiece of your eDART network, providing a single, simple interface to perform all the functions needed to access, support and use eDARTs on the network. The ESM allows you to view all of the eDARTs on your network from the web browser on your desktop. You can view the current process running on any individual eDART with real time cycle and summary data. You can also see which presses are down, for how long, what jobs are running, number of good cycles, number of reject cycles, and more. Finding the trouble spots on your plant floor has never been easier with the enhanced troubleshooting capabilities of searchable data by job and date. Contact us for details.
Flow and Temperature Sensor
Cost Effective Way to Monitor Your Water Lines
RJG will now offer Burger and Brown’s new Smartflow Flowmeters. This product gives you the ability to easily see if there are any changes in the mold coolant flow rates or coolant temperatures. Detecting changes in the flow rate and the coolant temperature can help prevent problems with parts due to insufficient cooling. The product attaches to your water lines and connects to the eDART System via a Flow-Temperature Sensor Interface (IA2-M-FT). Templates and alarms can be set around the readings from the Smartflow Flowmeter and easily viewed and managed from your eDART System. This product is engineered to be more robust, cost effective, and easier to integrate with the eDART System than prior solutions.

Contact us for details


Click here
for a full list of all Smartflow Meters available.

The Sensor eValuator
Coming soon! The new Sensor eValuator provides tool builders and molders alike a way to test up to 30 in-mold sensors at one time for proper operation. Testing sensors prior to putting the mold into production can save a considerable amount of lost production and troubleshooting time. The product offers an easy-to-use interface on a tablet. We expect this product to be available for purchase July 2015. Contact us for details.
212 and 213 Load Washers - Discontinued
Effective immediately RJG is obsoleting two models of our Load Washer Sensors, the 212 and the 213 models. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. The 211 model is still available.
RJG Acquires G&A Moulding Technology
G&A Moulding Technology and RJG are pleased to announce they have joined forces. This acquisition will strengthen RJG’s existing global footprint, and result in an organization with unmatched capabilities to assist customers with consulting, training, and process optimization services worldwide. Since 1998, G&A has been a highly reputable and successful company serving many industries within the field of injection molding in the UK, Europe, and worldwide. As an independent division of RJG, G&A will continue to provide support, training and advisory services to the UK market.
Check out G&A's website at
The Tech Group Receives Award
RJG would like to extend their congratulations to The Tech Group for receiving The Frost & Sullivan 2015 Manufacturing Leadership award. This award recognizes The Tech Group’s innovative process monitoring strategy, an enterprise‐wide initiative designed to review and improve control processes by integrating a state‐of‐the‐art process monitoring system across 300 molding machines at all seven North American manufacturing facilities. The Tech Group is a long time RJG customer and a recipient of the 2013 RJG Training Excellence Award. Click here for details.
New Additions to the RJG Team
José Fernandez
Customer Support Manager
RJG France
José is a recent addition to the RJG France team as the Customer Support Manager. He will be responsible for technical support to customers in France. José has over 25 years experience in the plastics industry, including being the co-founder of AKEO Plus, a company that provides project management and engineering services to the plastics industry. Bienvenue, José!
Franco Fernandez
Regional Sales Manager
RJG Mexico
Franco comes to RJG Mexico with over 12 years of sales and marketing experience in the manufacturing and telecommunications industries in Mexico. Franco's sales efforts are a welcome addition to our very busy Latin American office. Bienvenida, Franco!
Frank Marschalek
Sales Manager
RJG Germany
Frank has more than 15 years of experience in the injection molding industry. He has extensive sales experience holding positions as production and sales managers for automation, robotic and temperature control systems for the plastics industry. He comes to us with a vast amount of experience in prospecting, selling, market development, customer service and support. Herzlich willkommen, Frank!
Heidi Trembly
Administrative Assistant
Heidi is the latest addition to the consulting/training department. She has a great amount of experience working in fast paced office environments. In addition to handling certificates and trainer travel arrangements she will be responsible for all registrations for the Georgia and Mexico training facilities. Welcome, Heidi!
Changes to the RJG Team
John Richards
Customer Support
John is now a part of the Customer Support Team. John originally started at RJG in May of 2013 in the Shipping and Receiving department. He has successfully completed Systematic Molding and Master Molder I and is enrolled at Grand Rapids Community College Plastic Polymer Tech Center. John will provide support for customers in Michigan.
Susy Robinson
Strategic Account Assistant
Susy started at RJG in March of 2014 as a Training Administrative Assistant and has recently move to the role of Strategic Account Assistant. In addition to a variety of administrative duties, assisting customers with quotes and tracking revenue, she is relied upon to facilitate Strategic Account communication within RJG as well as externally with customers.
The TZER0™ Team Additions
Reduce the cost and time wasted on multiple tool adjustments during a tool launch with RJG's new TZER0 program. This engineering/consulting service works with the engineering and manufacturing departments to develop a systematic process before the tool is even cut. We take our revolutionized processing techniques upstream and apply scientific principles to the part/tool design aspect of the manufacturing process. This includes Part Design, Process development, and Material, Mold, and Machine performance assessment. Hope is no longer the necessary strategy when a mold is launched.
Doug Espinoza
TZER0 Manager
Doug has held sales and management roles at RJG since 1997. Recently, Doug has become instrumental in the creation of RJG’s TZERO program. His role as a TZER0 Manager allows him to bring a broad perspective to our clients. He specializes in evaluating the current state of our clients and providing specialized end-to-end solutions to achieve their desired future state. Full Biography
Kenny Lu
Engineering Consultant
Kenny is new to RJG. Kenny previously ran technical operations at Moldex3D North America. His role as a TZER0 consultant is to evaluate the potential risks before tool launches and provide advice using scientific results. Kenny facilitates the synergy between production and engineering groups through his simulation skills and knowledge.
Full biography
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The Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors organization provides members with industry networking opportunities, cost reduction programs, lead generation strategies and opportunities, operational benchmarking statistics, and plastics news. MAPP's mission is to help plastic processors stay competitive in an ever-changing plastics marketplace.
RJG provides MAPP members with the following discounts each year:
  • Either 1 free seat in RJG’s Injection Molding Essentials course (classroom or online) OR 50% off 1 seat in a Systematic Molding class, per company
  • 10% off all RJG training (Travel, expenses, and the Train-the-Trainer course not included)
  • 10% off the purchase of your first eDART System™ (as long as associated system training is also purchased)

    MAPP members can click here to register for the upcoming Injection Molding Essentials course FREE! Contact to find out if you're a MAPP member and if you are eligible for the free course.
eDART Version
For all Version 10 eDART users is now available for download on our website. Improvements include support for the new Multi Channel Strain Gage system as well as a new safety feature which will help prevent accidental restart or shutdown of the eDART. There is also now support for the Peak Ejector Force Optional Tool and for the dual analog flow/temperature IA2-M-FT.

Industry Events
May 19
Lyon, France
RJG Technology Day
May 20 - 23
Guangzhou, China
Chinaplas - visit RJG in booth #T71
June 10 - 12
Oyonnax, France
June 16 - 17
Telford, England
Plastics Design & Moulding 2015 - visit RJG in booth #B029
June 16 - 18
Toronto, Ontario
Plast-Ex - visit RJG in booth #2046
June 16 - 18
Rosemont, IL
Molding 2015
RJG Events and Training
May 12 - 15
Injection Molding Essentials
June 1 - 12
Traverse City, MI
Master Molder I SM
Class Full
- Email us to be added to the waiting list or click here to see all classes.
June 1- 12
Woodstock, GA
Master Molder IISM
Class Full
- Email us to be added to the waiting list or click here to see all classes.
June 2 - 4
Traverse City, MI
Systematic Molding
June 2 - 4
Module 2 - Process Control Technology
June 6 - 9
Shenzen, China
Systematic Molding - To register: English OR Mandarin
June 8 - 11
Peterborough, England
Fundamentals of Injection Molding
June 15 - 18
Peterborough, England
High Performance Moulding
June 15 - 26
Master Molder I
Class Full
- Email us to be added to the waiting list or click here to see all classes
June 22
Woodstock, GA
Math for Molders
June 23 - 25
Queretaro, Mexico
Systematic Molding
June 23 - 25
Woodstock, GA
Systematic Molding
June 30 - July 1
Peterborough, England
Module 3 - Materials Technology
Click here to view all available classes.
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