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RJG acquires G&A Moulding Technology

G&A Moulding Technology and RJG are pleased to announce that they plan to join forces in an acquisition that is planned to be executed on January 1, 2015. On that date, RJG will acquire G&A Moulding Technology. This acquisition will strengthen RJG’s existing global footprint, and result in an organization with unmatched capabilities to assist customers with consulting, training, and process optimization services worldwide. The result will be an organization with 119 employees located in the USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, France, Germany, Singapore and China.

Since 1998, G&A has been a highly reputable and successful company serving many industries within the field of injection molding in the UK, Europe, and worldwide. “The synergy between us is good, and the knowledge and expertise of the two companies complement each other in many ways” indicated John Goff, CEO of G&A. As an independent division of RJG, G&A will continue to provide support, training and advisory services to the UK market.

Since 1985, RJG’s business has been assisting molders inimplementing Systematic Injection Molding methods to help improve quality, productivity, and profitability. “John and his team have a proven reputation as a premier consulting and training organization that delivers superior value to their clients,” stated Rod Groleau, Chairman and Founder of RJG. “Advanced training of injection molders is a key component of our mission and something we do with great pride and commitment. We are excited to be adding G&A’s capabilities to our team and to be adding a training facility in the UK for delivering RJG’s world renowned Master MolderSM training classes,” added Dale Westerman, President & CEO of RJG, Inc.

Check out G&A's website:

Easily Interface to Multiple Strain Gage Sensors - Coming Soon!
The new multi-channel cavity pressure solution, unique to RJG, allows injection molders to connect up to eight strain-gage sensors to one connection point on the mold. Low profile and robust, this hardware solution simplifies in-mold installations and saves real estate on the mold. This solution reduces the per mold cost by up to 26% over the multi-channel piezoelectric option and by up to 40% over single channel strain gage sensors.
Piezo Sensor Cables - More Sizes Available

Shorter length C-PZ/1645 cables are available now and in stock. The new sizes available are 0.1, 0.15, 0.25, 0.30 and 0.35 meter cables.
For questions contact inside sales.

Shorter Piezo Multi-Channel Extension Cables

Due to customer demand RJG now offers the 0.5 meter piezo extension cables for the 4 channel and 8 channel piezo adapter with Mold ID. The 0.5 meter cables for the 8 channel (C-PZ/LX8F-S-0.5M) run $570.00 each and the 0.5 meter (C-PZ/LX4F-S-0.5M) for the 4 channel run $395.00. For questions contact inside sales.

New Design Makes the Piezo Connector with Mold ID More Robust
The Piezoelectric Connector with Mold ID has been redesigned to eliminate the chance of wire breaks and ID chip failures due to high shock and vibration. For questions contact inside sales.
New! Improved Lynx Din Rail Modules
RJG announces changes to its Lynx DIN Rail Modules. The new modules feature shielded metal enclosures and detachable cables. These new features make installation and troubleshooting easier while increasing immunity to interference in electrically noisy environments. All this is accomplished while maintaining the convenient DIN Rail mounting and easy-to-read status LEDs. Contact RJG for more info.
Product Clarification: Lynx Sensor Tester
Due to customer confusion, we'd like to clarify that the Lynx Sensor Tester does not work on piezoelectric sensors. But if you'd like more info on all the cool stuff it CAN do (like quickly know if an installed strain gauge sensor is functioning properly) then click here.
New addition to the RJG Team!
Conor Cooke

RJG is announcing the addition of Conor Cooke to RJG Ireland/UK. Conor will hold the role of Sales Manager and will manage and support customers in that region. Conor comes to RJG with over 30 years in the injection molding industry with extensive experience in prospecting, selling, market development, customer service and support. Welcome, Conor!

eDARTTM Software Update 10.6.7 - Soon to be Released
This Version 10 software update allows for multiple templates to be saved with each mold set up. Check back here in the next few weeks!

Training Spotlight
Sytematic Molding - Now available in Canada!
November 11 - 13 in Markham, Ontario
3 Day Systematic Molding is an introduction course for anyone who wants to develop a systematic approach to molding at their facility FROM THE PLASTIC'S POINT OF VIEW (as opposed to the traditional machine's point of view). Students leave this course with a better understanding of how to develop a machine-independent process, how to make data driven improvements to existing processes, as well as how to effectively trouble shoot using scientific and systematic approaches. For more info or to register click here.

Industry Events
Oct. 14 - 18
Friedrichshafen, Germany
Fakuma - Visit RJG in booth #5122 in hall A5
Oct. 16 - 17
Indianapolis, IN
MAPP Benchmarking Conference - Visit RJG at booth #10
Oct. 23
Windsor, Ontario
Windsor Mold Expo - RJG's Steve Zenner will present on Mold Cavity Pressure Sensors – Best Practices for Selection and Installation
Oct. 29 - 30
Minneapolis, MN
MD&M Minneapolis - Come see RJG's equipment running in Sumitomo's booth #1319
Nov. 18 - 21
Mexico City, Mexico
Plastimagen - Visit RJG in booth #125
RJG Events and Training
Training courses are being added regularly! Be sure to check out the full schedule online.

Oct. 14
Shanghai, China
RJG Technology Day -
Registration Form - English

Registration Form - Chinese
Oct. 14 - 16
Salt Lake City, UT
Systematic Molding
Oct. 21 - 23
Traverse City, MI
Systematic Molding
Oct. 27 - Nov. 7
Traverse City, MI
Master Molder II
Class Full - Email us to be added to the waiting list or click here to see all classes.
Oct. 28
Elk Grove Village, IL
RJG Technology Day
Nov. 3 - 14
Woodstock, GA
Master Molder I
Class Full - Email us to be added to the waiting list or click here to see all classes.
Nov. 4 - 6
Elk Grove Village, IL
Systematic Molding
Nov. 10 - 21
Traverse City, MI
Master Molder II
Class Full - Email us to be added to the waiting list or click here to see all classes.
Nov. 10 - 13
Injection Molding Essentials
Nov. 11 - 13
Chihuahua, Mexico
Systematic Molding (Spanish)
Nov. 11 - 13
Markham, Ontario
Systematic Molding
Nov. 13
Leipzig, Germany
RJG Technology Day (German)
Nov. 18 - 20
Woodstock, GA
Advanced eDART Training Version 9
2015 classes are being added!!! Click here to view all available classes.
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