RJG’s eDART ™ now has a new user-friendly interface
RJG ‘s advanced process monitoring and control system is now even simpler to use!  The new touch screen friendly eDART interface still enables you to minimize inherent process variation that is common in molding facilities and allows you to produce repeatable parts of superior quality.  By controlling the process and implementing part containment you guarantee that no bad parts ship to your customers.

The power of this new interface is its ease of use. Experienced and inexperienced eDART users will find that process set-ups have been greatly simplified and the software screens are much easier to understand and navigate. Much of the decision making has been streamlined by limiting the amount of information the user needs to input to get the process running. New features include an easy-to-read history of alarms and process changes and a Mold Configuration Assistant. It’s now easier to match machine set-ups with the ability to view the template values along with the actual values. So you’re spending more time processing and less time learning the software.

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RJG, Inc. Opening RJG Mexico!
RJG’s new Mexico office is located at the PIT2 Innovation and Technology Transfer Park in Chihuahua, Mexico. This facility has an in-house training and conference center which will allow for RJG Mexico to provide local RJG training courses and events. Additionally, having a regional office located in Chihuahua will continue to improve RJG’s responsiveness to customers in Mexico. RJG felt it was essential to set up a locally staffed regional office to provide direct sales, support, and local product inventory to quickly respond to customers' needs. Daniel Lopez will be tasked to manage the daily operations of the new location.  Over the next few months RJG Mexico will be adding to its staff to better serve customers in Mexico.

RJG interfaces with Burger & Brown Engineering
RJG, Inc. is partnering with Burger & Brown to offer an interface between RJG’s eDART System and the Burger & Brown TRACER® Switching Flowmeter. The TRACER® Switching Flowmeter measures liquid flow rates and temperature while providing one programmable switching set point for high or low flow or temperature. 0 to 5 or 0 to 10 Volt Analog Output is available for connection to an eDART System to provide continuous monitoring of the process. Between 70-80% of the typical molding cycle involves cooling.  As this is a crucial part of the process, RJG feels a partnership with Burger and Brown Engineering will provide customers with the ability to further enhance their knowledge about their process cooling to allow them to make process decisions based on this data.

New Stroke Velocity Sensor
RJG’s new Stroke Velocity sensor still tracks injection velocity, shot volume, cushion, and plasticizing rates, all with a smaller footprint on the molding machine. The sensor comes with a 50" cable length. This replaces the older style LE-R-30 and LE-R-50 Stroke Velocity sensors.

Flush Mount Sensor Check Kit
RJG has added to its line of sensor installation and check tools. The 2.5 mm Go No-Go Gauge, Concentricity Checker and Test Block give molders a convenient way to check 2.5 mm sensor pockets for proper dimensions. Sensor accuracy is dependent on proper installation of the sensor. If a sensor does not fit correctly or the bore is not concentric it can cause preload on the sensor and inaccurate readings. These tools will ensure proper installation of flush mount sensors, thus ensuring accurate readings.

Save money...via RJG consulting?
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New Courses Offered from RJG!

Master MolderSM I & II Recertification Courses
RJG has developed two recertification courses for Master Molder’s who have earned a their certification. These one week courses are perfect for Master Molders who want to refresh the knowledge and skills they learned during prior Master Molder training and would like practice time with an RJG instructor. These classes are more advanced in the practice of developing and transferring a process from one machine to another. The objectives of these courses are to reestablish knowledge of the four plastic variables, develop and demonstrate machine integration and build a solid process and transfer the process to second molding machine.  There will be both pre and post testing just as the Master Molder program. Students must achieve an average grade of 80% or above to successfully recertify.

Systematic Molding for LSR
Systematic Molding for LSR is an introduction course for anyone who wants to develop a systematic approach to molding products with liquid silicone rubber. Success of a molding project occurs when there is an understanding of the whole process from part design through finished part. This course will provide the fundamentals for building a robust and repeatable process. Students leave this course with a better understanding of how to develop a LSR process, how to make data driven improvements to existing processes, as well as how to effectively trouble-shoot using scientific and systematic approaches. Students will also understand the cause and effect relationships between the machine, process, mold, and material as well as how and why polymer behavior is influenced. This will allow them to make informed decisions for lasting solutions instead of “band-aid” fixes to the process.

Math for Molders
This course is intended for anyone who struggles with mastering the math skills needed to successfully complete injection molding processing courses.  RJG has found a large percentage of people in the injection molding field are intimidated by the math required to take processing courses and therefore refrain from signing up. This Math for Molders course is an instructor-led class that focuses on the math skills required to process using Scientific Molding techniques. Math skills that are covered in this course are: Calculating Area (for various shapes), Clamp Tonnage Requirements, Ratios,
Pascal’s Equation, and Speed Verses Time.

This course is an add-on day for the RJG Injection Molding Essentials class. By adding the extra day of math class to the Injection Molding Essentials class, students will better grasp the math techniques taught in the Injection Molding Essentials course, and the knowledge provides a better math skills foundation for future RJG courses.

For questions on new courses contact the training department. For the full training schedule click here.

Help us welcome new additions
to the RJG Team

Matt Luckey - Account Coordinator
Matt comes to us with a strong background in sales. Matt will work with the Regional Account manager and Implementation Team developing and maintaining customer relationships.

Karen Bauman - Office Support Coordinator
Karen has 20+ years of administrative and office support experience. She can be seen up at our front desk greeting guests, answering phones, and managing contacts in Saleslogix.

Josh Renshaw - Electronics Technician
Josh will be working in the sensor department assembling and testing the product prior to shipment. His strong history of customer service and dedication to his work will make him a great addition to the busy production department!

Thom Smith - NorthEast Consultant/Trainer
Thom comes to us with over 20 years of experience in injection molding and a Bachelor degree in Engineering. He will be located in Farifax, VT and will be the consultant/trainer for the North East Territory. Thom will officially join us on April 16th.

Welcome, everyone!

4 Use less material, reduce scrap, and save on energy! RJG technology and training not only helps molders... they help the environment.

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