Importance of Using Fail Safe Sorting

Most of you know how easy it is to find a short shot with cavity pressure sensors. No pressure at end of cavity = short shot. Or low pressure can indicate a short.

Recently a customer had a short shot returned to them by their customer. They had gone to the effort of properly placing cavity pressure sensors at end of fill in every cavity and proper alarms set on each. It caused a lot of pain and embarrassment then to have that short-shot defect returned. It also prompted an extensive search for the root cause. Using the 5 why’s we ask, “Why did the robot not get a signal?” “Because the eDART was turned off.” “Why did the robot not know the eDART was off?” “Because the eDART’s REJECT output will never go on if it is powered off.”

How do you ensure that this never happens? Use the “Good” output from the eDART, not “Reject”. Whenever a part has been made that the Alarm Settings tool in the eDART calls “good” (no alarms), the output will go on (contacts closed). The robot will see the “good” is on and place the parts for shipping. If anything goes wrong to de-power that output, such as the eDART turned off, the robot will never see a “good” signal and will continue discarding the parts. So if you want to be sure no bad parts escape due to power problems, wires to the robot etc., always use the “Good” output. See tips 1 and 2 for more discussion of this strategy.

RJG’s eDART ™ Now Has a New User-Friendly Interface
RJG ‘s advanced process monitoring and control system is now even simpler to use!  The new touch screen friendly eDART interface still enables you to minimize inherent process variation that is common in molding facilities and allows you to produce repeatable parts of superior quality. By controlling the process and implementing part containment you guarantee that no bad parts ship to your customers.

The power of this new interface is its ease of use. Experienced and inexperienced eDART users will find that process set-ups have been greatly simplified and the software screens are much easier to understand and navigate. Much of the decision making has been streamlined by limiting the amount of information the user needs to input to get the process running. New features include an easy-to-read history of alarms and process changes and a Mold Configuration Assistant. It’s now easier to match machine set-ups with the ability to view the template values along with the actual values. So you’re spending more time processing and less time learning the software.

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NPE Presentations on YouTube!
RJG along with some of our partners gave a number of presentations in our booth at NPE. Click here to watch the following videos:

The Myth of Resin Over Drying

Optimizing the Tool Tryout Launch
with Scientific Molding

MAPP Presents: How MAPP Helps Molders
Be More Competitive

Strategies for Zero Defects to Your Customers

Blending Simulation and Scientific Molding

Burger & Brown Engineering Presents: Scientific Cooling

Training Spotlight

Master Molder I - Spanish
July 30 - August 10 in Traverse City, MI

The Master MolderSM I Certification is designed for the process technician, engineer or manager who needs to understand and demonstrate systematic, scientific injection molding skills at the machine. Participants will be able to demonstrate the development of a Decoupled II process. Anyone responsible for implementing a processing strategy in their plant or anyone held accountable for quality issues are prime candidates for this training. Students learn to apply methods, strategies and techniques of injection molding from the plastic’s point of view, all taught in a real-world production floor environment. The training is hands-on and in-depth which enables students to leave with solid skills that can be applied immediately in their facility.

RJG Technology Days in TN
August 21 in Knoxville & August 23 in Cordova, TN
RJG’s Technology Day seminar focuses on systematic processing strategies and advanced processing technologies that will allow you to consistently manufacture the highest quality parts. Molders are finding that three key components provide positive results: cavity pressure sensors, process control systems and employee training. Individually, each of these components have a positive effect on part quality; when combined the results can be staggering. This seminar is a must for anyone responsible for the development and manufacturing of plastic parts, or directly involved in part quality issues.

Verifying Training Records
If you are looking to hire someone with RJG Training on their record and want to verify that they completed the training, please have that person give RJG written consent to share their training information. RJG's policy is that we will not give out a person's information without their permission. If you have questions please contact the training department.

MAPP Reaches Youth of America for Job Placement
The most critical issue faced by the plastics manufacturing community is the lack of skilled workforce. MAPP's focus on uniting the Youth of America with our members is a long-term initiative designed to introduce young adults in various stages of their career development directly to MAPP Members. Students involved in trade schools, technical programs, or college programs now have the opportunity to communicate and market their skill sets directly to MAPP Members by utilizing the MAPP Academy tab on the MAPP website.

MAPP is currently working to notify educational institutions around the country of this unique approach to link young adults with plastics industry career opportunities. With these efforts, MAPP is actively soliciting all plastics manufacturing professionals to contact representatives at local schools and education centers who offer business and/or technical curriculum pertaining to the industry and inform their students of this opportunity. MAPP members now have direct access to these potential employees who are interested in career positions, possible internships, and/or special projects in the manufacturing sector. Individuals posting their resumes are also required to answer a series of searchable questions, including career and immediate job interests, geographical areas of choice, and more.

MAPP members can search this posted information by logging on to the MAPP website and using the “Search Resumes” function under the members only tab.

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