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RJG’s eDART™ v10 Success
In December 2010 we decided to completely redesign our eDART software to be intuitive and touch screen friendly. We interviewed and observed current users to understand how they use the system as well as uncover their pain points. Based on that feedback goals were set and development began. Some of the goals included: make it intuitive, easier to set-up, must require less training to operate and more visually appealing. In January 2012 we released the initial Beta software and received customer feedback and comments:

  • The software is Much more intuitive.
  • Navigation is easier with the improved screen layout.
  • Using a touch screen is so much better.
  • Separating machine and mold sensors made it easier.
  • The new Mold Sensor ID feature makes cavity pressure sensor set-up easier. It's a one person job.
  • Being able to visually see and test Inputs and outputs at configuration will prevent problems down the road.
  • The Overview Screen is what is needed for our operators.
  • One user commented "Even I can figure this out".

In June 2012, we installed our first production release of V10 at a customer. RJG's Ryan Potes helped the customer install and set it up. After a short walk through, the users were comfortable and navigating the software on their own. This was a huge step. No formal training was needed. The amount of time spent with each user was a ¼ of the time we would typically spend with them.

By September 2012, V10 will include some new features requested by users including: the ability to touch areas of the cycle graph for comparison values relevant to the data, the ability to touch the Mold Match Stability button and get comparison values, full compatibility with V9 mold and machine configurations, templates, fully functional valve gate software and full support for language translations.

For upgrade information contact our customer support department.


eDART Software v9.2 Released

Balance Viewer Now Standard
The "Balance Viewer" tool is now included on all v9 eDARTs. This tool displays cavity sensor data for multi-cavity jobs in histogram format. It makes it easy to see a "rogue" cavity that is filling early or late. It also displays balance values for other important summary data such as cycle integrals, cooling rates etc. One customer found a blocked cooling line on a 16 cavity tool when he noticed a low cooling rate on one cavity.

The Balance Viewer tool is found under "Applications" in the Architect on the eDART. You will find documentation on how to use it on the eDART Upgrade CD. This is in the form of video, .pdf and powerpoint files.

New Optional Software Tool: "2-Shot Enhancement"
We now supply an optional (purchased) tool that adds 2-Shot capabilities to the eDART. You will need sequence signals from both the first and second shot barrels. Once installed you attach the "enhancement" tool to a 2-shot machine. Then you enter the intensification ratio (for hydraulic machines) and screw area. Finally you tell the software which cavity pressure sensor is fed by which barrel.

After this setup procedure the eDART now does the following:

  • Displays "normalized" curves for the second barrel: plastic injection pressure and volume.
  • Computes a complete set of machine variables for the second barrel (e.g. hold pressure etc.).
  • Provides "delayed" set of machine summary values for the first barrel for part sorting, if needed.
  • Delays cavity pressure alarms from the first shot and combines with the second so that rejects from either shot will be discarded.
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Welcome to New RJG Team Members!

Esmeralda Rivera - Regional Administrator
We are pleased to introduce Esmeralda Rivera who will be handling administrative activities in our Chihuahua Mexico office. She will be giving regional support to the departments of consulting, sales, marketing, finance, HR, shipping and logistics. A Marketing major from Monterrey Institute of Technology campus Chihuahua she also has a Master Degree in Enterprise Administration. She speaks Spanish, English and Portuguese.

Welcome to the RJG Team!

New In Our Lab
REGLOPLAS, an RJG lab partner since 2006, recently replaced two of their consignment 90smart Temperature Control Units with new ones. They have five units total consigned to RJG.

NPE Presentations on YouTube!
RJG along with some of our partners gave a number of presentations in our booth at NPE. Click here to watch the following videos:

The Myth of Resin Over Drying

Optimizing the Tool Tryout Launch
with Scientific Molding

MAPP Presents: How MAPP Helps Molders
Be More Competitive

Strategies for Zero Defects to Your Customers

Blending Simulation and Scientific Molding

Burger & Brown Engineering Presents: Scientific Cooling

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Training Spotlight

FREE "Sensor Installation Training" Webinar (Mandarin)
August 1 from 2-5 p.m. (Beijing time)
Installing sensors doesn’t have to be that hard! This webinar will discuss correct installation techniques of RJG Cavity Pressure Sensors, as well as explain some of the common installation errors.

Details & Registration Contact winnie.wei@rjginc.com or tang.peng@rjginc.com

RJG Technology Days in TN
August 21 in Knoxville
August 23 in Cordova
RJG’s Technology Day seminar focuses on systematic processing strategies and advanced processing technologies that will allow you to consistently manufacture the highest quality parts. Molders are finding that three key components provide positive results: cavity pressure sensors, process control systems and employee training. Individually, each of these components have a positive effect on part quality; when combined the results can be staggering. This seminar is a must for anyone responsible for the development and manufacturing of plastic parts, or directly involved in part quality issues.

RJG Technology Day in France September 11
Location: ITECH de Lyon (Presentation in French)

  • Introducing Scientific Molding
    • Main principles of this strategy
    • The process from the cavity point of view, the 4 plastic variables
    • Qualify with numbers the 3 actors: mold/machine/material
    • Where this technology applies
    • Decoupled molding principles.
  • Correlate with simulation
    • Presented by SIGMASOFT
  • Working with cavity pressure, the approach
    • Where should I put the sensor? Which type?
    • Graph interpretation
    • Which parameters should I monitor?
    • Defining alarm bands
    • Benefit of controlling the machine from the mold
    • RJG eDART presentation, the tools designed for production use, Quality
  • Benefits of using this technology during process development and duplication
  • Real case study, How a material batch change impacts the viscosity in my process
More information and registration

RJG Technology Day in China September 21
Location: Dongguan city, Guangdong, China

  • Learn about a technology that will increase your PRODUCTIVITY & PROFITABILITY & MARKET APPEAL TO GLOBAL PARTS BUYERS
  • Increased understanding of Cavity Pressure Technology
  • Learn strategies for Automated Part Containment
  • SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCING LABOR COSTS associated with manual part sorting
  • You will understand the Concepts of Scientific Molding
This course is specifically intended for managers responsible for the development of processes and manufacturing of plastic parts, and those managers responsible for the quality of the product delivered to the customer.

Registration Form - English
Registration Form - Chinese

Systematic Molding in China September 18-20
Location: Dongguan city, Guangdong, China

  • Identify the molding machine, mold, process relationship, capability and success potential
  • Ensure that the material is in the correct condition when it arrives at the molding machine
  • Define the steps required to develop a Scientific Machine Independent Process
  • Shear-rate viscosity study for any mold / material combination
  • Trouble-Shoot More Effectively by using a scientific and systematic approach, including the four plastic variables when trouble-shooting
  • The Cause and Effect Relationships between the machine, process, mold, and material
Registration Form - English
Registration Form - Chinese

Verifying Training Records
If you are looking to hire someone with RJG Training on their record and want to verify that they completed the training, please have that person give RJG written consent to share their training information. RJG's policy is that we will not give out a person's information without their permission. If you have questions please contact the training department.

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Use less material, reduce scrap, and save on energy! RJG technology and training not only helps molders...they help the environment.

Go Green!

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