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The new touchscreen compatible, user-friendly v10 eDART was designed based on customer requests to make it more intuitive, easier to set-up, and require less training to operate! Here is some of the feedback we've received on the new software:

"Navigation is easier with the improved screen layout."

"The new Mold Sensor ID feature makes cavity pressure sensor set-up easier. It's a one person job."

"Being able to visually see and test Inputs and outputs at configuration will prevent problems down the road."

"It's easy for our operators to quickly see how the process is running via the Overview Screen."

Also, due to customer requests the v10 eDART:

  • Is touchscreen friendly! Purchase a 17" Elo touchscreen directly from RJG
  • Gives you easy access to the process details you need. An example: if you want to know the cooling rate, just touch the cooling portion of the curve.
  • Is fully compatible with V9 mold and machine configurations
  • Allows you with one click to see where your actual process is, in comparison to your template (for mold, machine, and material).

    For upgrade information contact our customer support department.

eDART Software v10.2 Released

The 10.2 software now gives you the ability to view cycle values (plastic pressure, fill time, speed, hold pressure, etc) by clicking on the area of the graph for which you want to know the values.

The Mold Match Meter now works like the Machine Match Meter as it now gives you all critical values numerically on one screen. With one click you can see your process values and any values that are out of specification are highlighted for quick identification.

For further details or to upgrade contact Curt Otto via email or call 231-947-3111 x151.

MAPP Members have saved over
$63,000 on RJG Training!

MAPP members get one free annual admission to an RJG eLearning course, which brings comprehensive versions of Scientific Molding training courses directly to you via the internet. Next course is Injection Molding Essentials on December 3-6. Members also get a 10% discount on all of RJG's courses. In addition to the free and discounted training, RJG will pay $3,000 towards the cost of a company assessment through Harbour Results. For more information about RJG’s training programs visit the training section of our website. For further details on MAPP benefits contact RJG's training department. For more information about MAPP membership visit their website.

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Using “Slow” Production Periods to Your Scientific Molding Advantage
During Production slow-downs, molding machines tend to sit idly while technical personnel work on other tasks. We suggest that this is instead an excellent opportunity to perform various machine performance & capability studies. Most PM programs are focused on safety and longevity, not on performance. These basic machine tests allow us to truly validate if a machine is performing at a world-class level.

  • Injection Speed Linearity Test: To determine how much control there is over injection speed.
  • Load Sensitivity Test: To determine to what degree the machine is sensitive to a change in load.
  • Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test: To determine the consistency of the check ring seal & the amount of leakage that occurs during injection.
  • Pressure Response Test: To determine the crispness of the transition from velocity to pressurization stage.
  • Mold Deflection: To determine the amount of mold deflection (flex) during pack and hold. The results should be retained in the tool or process records.
  • Platen Deflection Test: To determine the amount of stationary platen deflection during the molding cycle. The results should be retained with the machine records.

RJG can provide training on the procedures needed to perform these tests correctly and effectively otherwise one of our Consultants can perform the tests for you & provide recommendations. The return-on-investment from this evaluation activity is usually substantial. Contact training@rjginc.com for additional information.

RJG Technology Day - Charlotte, NC
RJG’s FREE Technology Day seminar focuses on systematic processing strategies and advanced processing technologies that will allow you to consistently manufacture the highest quality parts. Molders are finding that three key components provide positive results: cavity pressure sensors, process control systems and employee training. Individually, each of these components have a positive effect on part quality, when combined the results can be staggering. This seminar is a must for anyone responsible for the development and manufacture of plastic parts or directly involved in part quality issues. The methods & technology we teach dove-tail with most “green” initiatives and our training can often be offset through green initiative grants. Click here for details.

New Course Offering:
Injection Molding Math & Essentials

This is an Injection Molding Essentials class with an additional day focused on helping anyone who struggles with mastering the math skills needed to successfully complete injection molding processing courses. RJG has found a large percentage of people in the injection molding field are intimidated by the math required to take processing courses and therefore refrain from signing up. This additional day is an instructor led class that focuses on the math skills required to process using Scientific Molding techniques. By adding the extra day of math class to the Injection Molding Essentials class, students will better grasp the math techniques taught in the Injection Molding Essentials course, and the knowledge provides a better math skills foundation for future RJG courses. The next Injection Molding Math & Essentials course will be held in Canton, GA December 4-6. Click here to register.

Class Certificate Re-Issue Fee
RJG will now be charging $50 per certificate to be re-issued. This fee is payable by credit card only. RJG will waive this charge if there is a misspelling or attendees did not receive their certificate within 90 days from the date of the class. The attendee must provide the original certificate with the misspelling and what the correct spelling should be. After 90 days past the class date the re-issue fee will apply.

New Addition to RJG China
Join us in welcoming RJG's new Sales Engineer, Tangjing Zhao. Tangjiing comes to us with sales, management, and technical experience in the sensor industry. He will be responsible for finding new accounts as well as supporting our current customers. Welcome, Tangjiing!


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