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The eDART is new AND improved.
(yes, that is possible)

Due to customer requests the v10 eDART:

  • Is touchscreen friendly! Purchase a 17" Elo touchscreen directly from RJG
  • Gives you easy access to the process details you need. An example: if you want to know the cooling rate, just touch the cooling portion of the curve.
  • Allows you with one click to see where your actual process is, in comparison to your template (for mold, machine, and material).

    For upgrade information contact our customer support department.

More sensor options with an eDART conx!
You now have the ability to configure the following temperature and flow sensors in the Version 9.2 and Version 10 software for an eDART Conx:

- Mold Surface
- Parting Line
- Water In
- Water Out

Flow (Delta Pressure)
- Across Mold
- Across Press Manifold
- Auxiliary (Version 9.2 only)

eDART Software v10.2 Released

The 10.2 software now gives you the ability to view cycle values (plastic pressure, fill time, speed, hold pressure, etc) by clicking on the area of the graph for which you want to know the values.

The Mold Match Meter now works like the Machine Match Meter as it now gives you all critical values numerically on one screen. With one click you can see your process values and any values that are out of specification are highlighted for quick identification.

For further details or to upgrade contact Curt Otto via email or call 231-947-3111 x151.

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And the Training Excellence Award goes to...
RJG created the RJG Training Excellence Award as a way to recognize clients for their commitment to the RJG Master MolderSM Certification program. Recently, three RJG customers were recognized for their commitment to workforce training:

Ironwood Plastics
Ironwood Plastics in Ironwood, MI strives to be a world class injection molder of complex projects. Ironwood employees learn to meet the needs of their customers through an extensive in house training program. Ironwood trained sixteen people through Master Molder I and seven have gone on to complete Master Molder II.

Piolax Corporation
Piolax produces various products using "elasticity" technology and is committed to supplying innovative quality products to their customers. Piolax has trained twenty people through Master Molder I, with two continuing on to complete Master Molder II.

World Class Plastics, Inc.
World Class Plastics in Russells Point, OH has earned its position in the industry through their focus on leadership, training, and process control to improve its products and processes. World Class Plastics has trained seventeen people through Master Molder I and nine have gone on to complete Master Molder II.

Advanced eDART Training
January 15-17 - 2012 Menomonie, WI
This course is intended for anyone that is a regular eDART user and wants to learn more advanced functions and how to apply them to their process. The class size is kept to a minimum to allow plenty of time for each participant to get hands-on training. The class includes both classroom instruction and hands-on eDART time for each participant. The methods & technology we teach dove-tail with most “green” initiatives and our training can often be offset through green initiative grants. Click here for details!

RJG Technology Day
November 28 - Juarez, Chihuahua
RJG’s Technology Day seminar focuses on systematic processing strategies and advanced processing technologies that will allow you to consistently manufacture the highest quality parts. Molders are finding that three key components provide positive results: cavity pressure sensors, process control systems and employee training. Individually, each of these components have a positive effect on part quality, when combined the results can be staggering. This seminar is a must for anyone responsible for the development and manufacturing of plastic parts, or directly involved in part quality issues. This seminar will be conducted in Spanish. Click here for details.

At RJG we grow hair, because we care.
Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces, in the US and around the world during the month of November. For one month, 19 selfless and generous RJG men, known as Mo Bros, will groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery.With their Mo's, our guys will raise vital awareness and funds for men's health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. Movember is all about bringing back the moustache, having fun and doing it for a serious cause; men's health. Way to grow, RJG!

Here are our onsite Mo Bros.

Click for the full experience.

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Nov 28 RJG Technology Day (Spanish) Juarez, Chihuahua  
Jan 20-23 Molding 2013 New Orleans, LA  
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Dec 3-14 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Class Full - Email us to be put on the waiting list or click here to see the full 2013 class list.
Dec 4-5 Injection Molding Essentials (Spanish) Chihuahua, Mexico  
Dec 4-6 Systematic Molding South Elgin, IL  
Dec 11-13 Systematic Molding
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Greensboro, NC  
Jan 1-18 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Class Full - Email us to be put on the waiting list or click here to see the full 2013 class list.
Jan 15-17 Advanced eDART Training V-9 Menomonie, WI  
Jan 28- Feb 8 Master Molder II Traverse City, MI  
Feb 5-7 Systematic Molding Auburn, AL  
March 4-15 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Class Full - Email us to be put on the waiting list or click here to see the full 2013 class list.
March 5-8 Injection Molding Essentials Online  
March 6 Sensor Installation Webinar Online  
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