July 2011

eDARTTM's New Internal Power Supply
By the end of July the eDARTs will no longer require a separate 24V power supply. Technical advances have allowed us to address customer feedback by relocating the power supply internally. If you have any questions or concerns please contact customer support.

eDARTTM Upgrade 9.1
eDART Software 9.1 is now available. Highlights include:

  • RJG Help button – allows users to contact Customer Support right from an eDART
  • Enhanced flx functionality – V-P control, Excessive Rejects, and others
  • Process Stability Dashboard – now standard on the conx and apex systems

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    For additional information and the free download click here .

Improved Lynx™ Junction Box
RJG's five port junction box now has an additional bracket to allow for increased flexibility when mounting to your mold. The 5-port and 9-port Lynx junction boxes can be daisy chained allowing for reduced footprints and increased ease of implementation. Lynx junction boxes can be mounted on the moving or stationary platen, mold half or any other convenient location on the molding machine. Once mounted, the junction boxes allow multiple Lynx devices to interface with the eDART™ System. Soon, the nine port junction box will also have this additional mounting bracket.

O-Rings for Static Pin Applications
Static pins are useful in many applications where a moving ejector pin is not available for instrumentation. However, static pins must be kept clean and freely moving in order to read pressure correctly. To do this, o-rings are strongly recommended for static pin applications. An o-ring groove is cut near the end of the pin to keep gases and debris out. However, the o-ring and groove must be properly sized. RJG can help with the specification of o-rings for your application. Click here for more info.

New release! Mold Deflection Sensor
RJG's new Mold Deflection Sensor captures valuable information that allows you to:

  • Establish truly Machine Independent Process Templates
  • Resolve issues with parting line flash
  • Minimize part dimensional issues that are a result of changes in mold deflection
  • Allow analysis of the differences between deflections in various machines and develop a systematic procedure for normalizing them
  • Resolve clamp force adequacy issues
  • Resolve mold robustness issues
  • Ensure correlations of part characteristics to key molding variables


For product details, click here. To request a quote, contact Inside Sales.

Soon to be RE Released! RJG's 2 port Junction for Lynx Cabling
Do you ever find a need to connect just two Lynx devices to the eDART and are left with the choice of running two long individual Lynx cables or using a 5 port junction? The J-LX2 may be your answer. It reduces lengthy cable runs and occupies less space than a 5 or 9 port junction. We are anticipating release in the 4th quarter and would like to gauge interest in this product. Please email marketing with your feedback!

MAPP Members have saved over
$40,000 on RJG Training!

MAPP members get one free annual admission to an RJG eLearning course, which brings comprehensive versions of Scientific Molding training courses directly to you via the internet, plus a 10% discount on all of RJG's courses. In addition to the free and discounted training, RJG will pay half of the cost of a company assessment through Harbour Results. For more information about RJG’s training programs visit the training section of our website. For further details on MAPP benefits contact RJG's training department.

For more information about MAPP membership visit their website.


Training Spotlight

DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM Workshop - Process Optimization for Injection Molding
This workshop is designed for students who have taken Systematic Molding and is a great course for those that plan on taking Master MolderSMI. Students will learn: how to minimize quality defects, how the four plastic variables affect your part quality, how to make machine problems visible with robust machine validation tools, as well ways to reduce costs and increase profitability.
Upcoming Decoupled Molding Workshop
August 30 - Sept 1

RJG Technology Days
RJG’s FREE Technology Day seminar focuses on systematic processing strategies and advanced processing technologies that will allow you to consistently manufacture the highest quality parts. Molders are finding that three key components provide positive results: cavity pressure sensors, process control systems and employee training. Individually, each of these components have a positive effect on part quality, when combined the results can be staggering. This seminar is a must for anyone responsible for the development and manufacture of plastic parts or directly involved in part quality issues. The methods & technology we teach dove-tail with most “green” initiatives and our training can often be offset through green initiative grants.

Upcoming Technology Days
July 20 - South Lake, TX
July 26 - Wilsonville, OR - Newly Added!

New Additions to the RJG Team:

Jason Robinson - Southeast Regional Consultant/Trainer
We are excited to add Jason Robinson to our Consultant/Trainer staff! With his 17 years of on-the-floor injection molding experience and Master Molder certification, Jason will be a great asset to our team. Jason will be regionally located in the greater Atlanta area to better support our Southeast customers. Welcome to the team Jason!

John Knipp - Southeast Regional Account Manager
We are pleased to announce that John Knipp is our new Southeast Regional Sales Manager. For the past 12 years John has supported our customer success program in the Southwest as an RJG Sales representative. Jon Newsome and John Knipp will be working together to ensure a smooth transition of the customer base in the territory during 2011. We are looking forward to working with John to continue growth in the Southeast territory as he will be a great addition to our sales team!

Pat Fawcett - Sales Support
Please welcome Pat Fawcett to our Sales department. Pat will assist customers as well as the implementation teams with everything from quotes, order entry and managing various customer contracts. Pat comes to us with years of experience working with customer accounts. Welcome, Pat!

And Changes to the RJG Team:

Andrea Novarro - North East Account Coordinator
Andrea recently started with RJG in a Sales Support role. Due to her great people skills she has been promoted to an Account Coordinator for the North East territory. Andrea will now work with the Regional Account manager and Implementation team developing and maintaining customer relationships.


Nancy Roberts - International Account Coordinator
Nancy has been employed by RJG for 11 years working in our training and sales departments. Nancy was previously an Account Coordinator for the Northeast Territory and will now be supporting our International Accounts.

Fish Tales
Summer is finally here in Northern Michigan. Here is a picture of our Southwest Regional Manager, Tommy Hale, with a fish he proudly caught at Photoshop Bay. What does this have to do with anything? At RJG when we're not working hard we like to have fun. Whether it's out fishing..or making fun of those who pretend they can fish.


New Training Assessment Test
We have revised our online training assessment test. The test now has segregated focuses on math, material, machine, mold and process. This allows us to see where a person's weakness and strengths are to aid in making training recommendations. Click here to try our training assessment test.

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Upcoming Events
Date Event Location  
July 20 RJG Technology Day South Lake, TX Register
July 26 RJG Technology Day Wilsonville, OR Register
Sept 20-22 Plastec Midwest Chicago, IL Booth #1487
Sept 27-29 Interplas Birmingham, England Booth # D56
Oct 4-7 Plastimagen Mexico City, Mexico Booth #2334
Oct 18-22 Fakuma Friedrichshafen, Germany Booth # B5-5110
October 27 28 MAPP Plastics Benchmarking Conference Indianapolis, IN  
Nov 2-3 MD&M Minneapolis Minneapolis, MN Booth# 1501
Training Calendar
Date Course Location  
July 18-29 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI
Class Full - Email us to be put on the waiting list
July 26-28 Systematic Molding (Spanish) Cartago, Costa Rica Register
August 15-26 Master MolderSM II Traverse City, MI Register - 1 seat left!
August 30 - Sept 1 DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM II Workshop Menominee, WI Register
Sept 12 -23 Master MolderSM I Traverse City, MI
Class Full - Email us to be put on the waiting list
Sept 29 - Oct 28 Master MolderSM I Grand Rapids Community College
Grand Rapids, MI
To register email EChrzan@grcc.edu
October 3 - 14 Master MolderSM I Canton, GA Class Full - Email us to be put on the waiting list
October 4 - 6 Systematic Molding Traverse City, MI Register
October 10 - 21 Master MolderSM I

Traverse City, MI

Register - 2 seats left!
November 7 - 18 Master MolderSM II Traverse City, MI Register
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