February 2010


Do your eDART users need real-time help with eDART or process related questions?

RJG eDART Help Button
By clicking “Contact RJG” from the eDART at the machine, users will immediately be connected directly to a member of RJG’s support team. Live support is available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST. Current eDART users will soon be able to install this feature when eDART software update 8.9 becomes available. Click here for more info on a free trial.

Liquid Silicone Rubber Applications
RJG is getting more involved with Liquid Silicone Rubber. If you are interested in how we can help with your LSR applications contact Mike Groleau.

RJG offers MAPP members
new benefits

RJG, Inc. is offering MAPP members one annual free admission to an RJG eLearning course, which brings comprehensive versions of scientific molding training courses directly to you via the internet, plus a 10% discount on all of RJG's public courses (excludes Train the Trainer). In addition to the free and discounted training, RJG will pay half of the cost of a company assessment through Harbour Results.

For more information about RJG’s training programs visit the training section of our website. For further details on MAPP benefits contact RJG's training department.

For more information about MAPP membership visit their website.

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Training Spotlight

Systematic Molding I via LIVE eClassroom!
March 1-5, 2010 (4 hours per day) - Online - $845
This is an excellent overview for managers of the many economic benefits of implementing a scientific molding strategy in your organization, and for those responsible to understand scientific molding principles in order to approve process changes and make decisions. Students leave this course with a better understanding of how to develop a machine independent process, how to make data driven improvements to existing processes, as well as how to effectively trouble-shoot using scientific and systematic approaches. Students will also understand the cause and effect relationships between the machine, process, mold, and material as well as how and why polymer behavior is influenced. This will allow them to make informed decisions for lasting solutions instead of “band-aid” fixes to the process.This course is delivered directly to you via the internet with a Live instructor. You can “raise your virtual hand” to ask questions, see demonstrations, and re-watch the presentation later. For details, video promo, and registration click here.

DOE for Injection Molding Workshop
March 2-4, 2010- Traverse City, MI - $2,095
March 5 - Optional Alarms Settings Workshop
This workshop is designed for medical molders who use DOE for the OQ phase of validation, Process Engineers who want to qualify molds more quickly, and Quality Engineers who need to make their tool tryouts more effective and less costly.

In this hands-on workshop we will cover:

  • Why DOE for injection molding is different
  • The critical role of the Four Plastics Variables
  • The 11 step checklist for planning the experiment, running the parts, and analyzing the results
  • Understanding when to use DOE – and when not
  • Finding the optimum process to meet multiple part quality requirements
  • Determine the acceptable processing window using data
  • Analyzing the data using simple yet powerful statistical tools

    Contact our training department for more details.

Medical Molding Symposium
March 24, 2010 - Caguas, Puerto Rico - $199
RJG’s Medical Molding Symposiums focus on helping companies deal with the very expensive and time/resource consuming task of meeting FDA requirement for IQ, OQ and PQ. Medical molders face a unique and growing set of challenges. FDA guidelines must be met and quality must be maintained, but at the same time reducing costs associated with documentation and inspection is imperative. Click here for details.

Verify your flush mount sensors are properly installed!
RJG's 4mm Flush Mount Sensor Installation/Check Kit contains the tools and documentation to install and check dimensions of the pockets for standard and Lynx4mm Piezoelectric Flush Mount style cavity pressure sensors. Sensor accuracy is dependent on proper installation of the sensor. If a sensor fits too tightly in the tool it can cause preload on the sensor and inaccurate readings or if the bore is not concentric, this too can cause improper readings from the sensor.
For details or pricing on products contact Inside Sales.
College Credit for Master MolderSM classes
Master Molder students can now get college credit towards the Advanced Processing and Robotics Certification through Mount Wachusett Community College in Massachusetts. Students will get 3 credits for Master Molder I and 2 credits for Master Molder II classes taken onsite at RJG. Class credits are transferable into the associates program. Please contact Sandra Fischer for further information.
Upcoming Events
Date Event Location  
April 12-14 Medical Devices 2010 Cleveland, OH RJG Presenting: A Systematic Approach to Risk Assessment for Injection Molding Applications
April 12-14 Molding 2010 San Antonio, TX RJG Presenting: Medical Molding - Revalidation of Injection Molding Processes Using Universal Set-Up Data
April 13-15 SAE 2010 World Congress Detroit, MI Booth # 418
April 19-22 Chinaplas Shanghai, China
Booth # E3L57
RJG Presenting:
Effective Utilization of Cavity Pressure Technology and
Scientific Strategies for Medical Molders
Training Calendar
Date Course Location  
March 1-5 Systematic Molding I Online Register
March 2-4 DOE for Injection Molding Workshop Traverse City, MI Register
March 5 Alarm Settings Workshop Traverse City, MI Register
March 15-26 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
March 16-18 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Pewaukee, WI Register
March 23-25 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Menomonie, WI Register
March 24 Medical Molding Symposium Caguas, Puerto Rico Register
April 5-7 Systematic Molding I
Penang, Malaysia Contact Yi Consultancy at 011 60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com for details and registration.
April 8 Decoupled Workshop Penang, Malaysia Contact Yi Consultancy at 011 60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com for details and registration.
April 12-14 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Contact Yi Consultancy at 011 60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com for details and registration.
April 12-23 Master Molder I Canton, GA Register
April 19-21 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Johor Bahru, Malaysia Contact Yi Consultancy at 011 60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com for details and registration.
April 26-May 7 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
May 11-13 Systematic Molding I Traverse City, MI Register
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