March 2010


"We believe in RJG."
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RJG Medical Customer Spotlight

GW Plastics
Congratulations to GW Plastics for winning the Plastics News' Processor of the Year Award!
"GW was an early adopter of full automation, vision-inspection systems and the idea of “scientific molding,” using statistical analysis and technology such as in-mold cavity-pressure sensors to make sure every single part is a good one."
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ICU Medical
"What we're doing is taking the scientific approach, going right down into the shear curve." Full Article

Vision Technical Molding
"Vision Technical Molding is it's own best proof of the skills, experience, and knowledge of its customers' businesses that it brings to the table."
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Keep track of your shipments from RJG.
You can now receive tracking information from UPS and FedEx. Be sure to let inside sales know your email address when you place an order.

eDART Upgrade 8.9
The 8.9 software upgrade will be available for download this Monday, April 5. Just visit our website for details or to download.

Do your eDART users need real-time help with eDART or process related questions?

RJG eDART Help Button
By clicking “Contact RJG” from the eDART at the machine, users will immediately be connected directly to a member of RJG’s support team. Live support is currently available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm EST, with possible 24/7 support in the near future. Current eDART users that have an EDM will soon be able to install this feature when eDART software update 8.9 becomes available. Click here for more info on a free trial.


Please welcome our new sales representatives!

See below for new RJG representation in your area.

West Virginia
Adam Krueter Associates

Cincinnati Process Technologies

Ontario (with the exception of the 519 area code)
Dier International Plastics Inc.

Plastech Machinery, Inc.

O-Rings for Static Pin Applications
Static pins are useful in many applications where a moving ejector pin is not available for instrumentation. However, static pins must be kept clean and freely moving in order to read pressure correctly. To do this, o-rings are strongly recommended for static pin applications. An o-ring groove is cut near the end of the pin to keep gases and debris out. However, the o-ring and groove must be properly sized. RJG can help with the specification of o-rings for your application. Contact Customer Support.

No need to order custom sensor cable lengths!
The new "sensor cable stacker" now comes with every Lynx Strain Gage sensor. This piece allows you to order standard cable lengths and coil the excess in this low cost piece that clips onto the sensor. You can coil up to 6" of cable in each. You can purchase additional pieces at just $2 each and stack multiples in order to hide longer cable lengths. Please contact us if you are interested!


Dollars for DARTScanners
RJG can no longer support the DARTScanner, DARTPAK and DARTVision products.  We are unable to purchase many of the parts and components used in the hardware platform.  In an effort to help customers upgrade the systems that are no longer supported, we have extended our trade in program.  RJG is offering a $2000 credit for each DARTScanner or DARTPAK system.  The credit can be applied towards the purchase of an eDART System.  One credit per eDART System purchase is allowed.  The offer will expire on 9/31/2010. Please contact RJG for further information.

Verify your flush mount sensors are properly installed!
RJG's 4mm Flush Mount Sensor Installation/Check Kit contains the tools and documentation to install and check dimensions of the pockets for standard and Lynx4mm Piezoelectric Flush Mount style cavity pressure sensors. Included with the kit are a specially designed 4mm pocket form tool for drilling all three critical dimensions of the sensor pocket in one pass, a retaining nut thread tap, a 4mm Go No-Go gage for instantly checking the pocket, and a concentricity checker and test block to verify dimensions.For details or pricing on products contact Inside Sales .


RJG offers MAPP members new benefits
RJG, Inc. is offering MAPP members one annual free admission to an RJG eLearning course, which brings comprehensive versions of scientific molding training courses directly to you live via the internet, plus a 10% discount on all of RJG's public courses (excludes Train the Trainer). In addition to the free and discounted training, RJG will pay half of the cost of a company assessment through Harbour Results. For further details on MAPP benefits contact RJG's training department.

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Embed Your Sensors:
Save Space, Reduce Cabling, and Protect from Damage

Lynx Embedded Sensors
This solution for RJG strain gage cavity pressure sensors helps maintain a small mold footprint. The sensors, electronics and wiring are mounted inside the ejector backing plate to save space, reduce cabling and protect them from damage.

embedded embedded sensors

Having the sensors installed at RJG allows every sensor to be verified for proper operation, resulting in shorter start-up times. View product slide show for details.

Can you tell if you’re running the right set-ups across your plant at a moments notice?  What about an hour ago?  Last night?

RJG's Process Stability Dashboard



RJG has assembled a suite of tools to manage set-ups for all molds that run in your plant, whether they have in-cavity sensors or not. Processes are often not set up properly, as documented, or they get changed after setup. If you have molds without cavity pressure monitoring you may not be able to see these changes occurring and the consequent effect on quality.

Since you cannot find or manage these variables by walking around the plant an overview is provided on the eDART™ network that shows each machine's status and how much it has deviated from the process it should be running. A quick scan down the overview screen will let you know any processes that are not being run as they should be.
More Info
Advanced System Overview Summary video

Easily Interface to Multiple RJG piezoelectric sensors
Soon to be released! RJG's Multi-Channel Piezoelectric Interface Connector with Mold ID allows users to interface up to four (PZ-4) or eight (PZ-8) RJG piezoelectric sensors while maintaining a small mold footprint. The unique cable connecting system allows for easy field replacement of cables and sensors with minimum nuisance and expense. The PZ-4 and PZ-8 identifies the sensors and the mold to the eDART System, so you can be sure you have the right mold running and the correct sensors selected. This product is building on the release of the Lynx Piezo Adapter for Fischer Connectors (see below left).

piezo adapter 1

This product is currently being beta tested. Contact us if you would like more information.

Visually Balance Hot Runner Manifolds
RJG’s new Balance Viewer software provides a tool for users to visually balance hot runner manifolds. With an eDART™ process controller and pressure or temperature sensors in every cavity of a mold, you can use the data to balance the tip temperatures. Selection buttons on the software allow you to check the balance of other parts of the process: filling and packing, pressurization and mold temperature. The viewer tool automatically sets up and scales the bars for the number and range of sensors found. Once a tool is balanced, any odd behavior such as material build-up or clogging, can initiate a warning system and will not be masked by automatic control adjustments. Click here for a demonstration.

Click to enlarge.

Is Your Company Making the Most of
Departmental Budgets?

Everyone knows that a well-trained work force is any company's best investment for attracting new business, keeping current customers happy, reducing employee turnover, increasing revenue potential and minimizing waste. Yet in spite of these well-documented facts, many companies do not effectively fund a yearly training budget.

RJG training, public and private, can cover many positions of a company and therefore could fall under any one of numerous yearly budgets. RJG training could very well qualify for budgets outside of typical locations within your company. For instance, Master Molder II might be justified in capital equipment budgets because the focus is on the use of the RJG eDART SystemTM along with our scientific molding methods. Or, because the Master Molder I and II certified status of your employees can be leveraged by your sales force as a tool to entice new business, your Marketing/Sales department may be able to include this training in their budget. If multiple departments want to issue separate POs to share the costs of a common training session, we can work with this, too.

RJG can help your management team develop a customized, multi-department training plan to be used during budget preparation. The plan can also be submitted to your state for possible grant approval. Contact the training department for additional tips and information.

Training Spotlight

eDART Custom Inplant Workshops
These inplant workshops are designed for RJG eDART System users to further their understanding of the system's capabilities to help increase the efficiency of their molding operations. The training combines classroom time as well as a strong focus on taking what is learned in the classroom and going out to the production floor and applying the knowledge in order to drive Return on Investment (ROI) for the company.  These classes are put together in a modular approach to help solve your unique needs and requirements for the training event. 

  • Available for the eDART conx, flx, and apex. Some areas of focus are: stabilization, part containment, and advanced control techniques.
  • Recommended for users after the initial system application training has been completed at the facility.
  • Available in 1, 2, or 3 day blocks.
  • Unique combination of processing and data collection techniques to drive molding improvement and ROI in the areas you are looking for.
  • Customized to focus and meet your needs today.

Contact our RJG Training Department for more details.

Combination Systematic Molding I-Workshop
June 22-25 Williamsport, PA
The intention of this version of Systematic Molding I is to be a sort of "mini Master Molder I" where students develop a good level of confidence and ability at actually doing DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM on the job but not quite at the advanced proficiency level of MMI. This course will have around 16 hours of hands-on practice. It is especially good for companies who cannot afford the time or money to send their process techs to two weeks of Master Molder I training, but they need their people to have a certain level of proficiency with Decoupled II style molding. Click on the date above for details on this course.

Systematic Molding I via LIVE eClassroom!
June 28 - July 2 (4 hours per day) - Online - $845
This is an excellent overview for managers of the many economic benefits of implementing a scientific molding strategy in your organization, and for those responsible to understand scientific molding principles in order to approve process changes and make decisions. Students leave this course with a better understanding of how to develop a machine independent process, how to make data driven improvements to existing processes, as well as how to effectively trouble-shoot using scientific and systematic approaches. Students will also understand the cause and effect relationships between the machine, process, mold, and material as well as how and why polymer behavior is influenced. This will allow them to make informed decisions for lasting solutions instead of “band-aid” fixes to the process.This course is delivered directly to you via the internet with a Live instructor. You can “raise your virtual hand” to ask questions, see demonstrations, and re-watch the presentation later.


Upcoming Events
Date Event Location  
April 12-14 Medical Devices 2010 Cleveland, OH RJG Presenting:
A Systematic Approach to Risk Assessment for Injection Molding Applications
April 12-14 Molding 2010 San Antonio, TX RJG Presenting: Medical Molding - Revalidation of Injection Molding Processes Using Universal Set-Up Data
April 13-15 SAE 2010 World Congress Detroit, MI Booth # 418
April 19-22 Chinaplas Shanghai, China Booth # E3L57
RJG Presenting:
Effective Utilization of Cavity Pressure Technology and
Scientific Strategies for Medical Molders
May 18-20 PDM 2010 Telford, England Booth #A5
Training Calendar
Date Course Location  
April 5-7 Systematic Molding I
Penang, Malaysia Contact Yi Consultancy at 011 60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com for details and registration.
April 8 Decoupled Workshop Penang, Malaysia Contact Yi Consultancy at 011 60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com for details and registration.
April 12-14 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Contact Yi Consultancy at 011 60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com for details and registration.
April 12-23 Master Molder I Canton, GA Register
April 26-May 7 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
May 11-13 Systematic Molding I Traverse City, MI Register
June 7-18 Master Molder II Traverse City, MI Register
June 22-25 Combination Systematic Molding I with Workshop Williamsport, PA Register
June 28 - July 2 Systematic Molding I Online Register

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