June 2010


Master Molder Training - Changing Lives

“I wish I had this training back in 1989 when I first started in injection molding. Once you fully understand all of the critical concepts from this training, injection molding transforms from black magic to a precise engineering exercise.” Antonio Cardona – Nypro Puerto Rico

RJG's Master Molder certification has a strong reputation for excellence in the injection molding industry. There is currently a great demand for employees that are Master Molder certified and we are frequently asked by employers if we know of any Master Molders looking for employment. If you are currently out of work, add RJG to your credentials! Contact us about future RJG training courses.

Are you an employer that's looking to hire a certified Master Molder? In an effort to help unemployed Master Molders, RJG can provide the contact information of unemployed Master Molders who have provided their information for us to share with prospective employers. Contact us.

The Use of In-Cavity Data
for LSR Applications

As liquid silicone molding applications continue to grow, we see increasing interest in the use of in-cavity sensors to improve part quality while reducing manufacturing costs. These types of sensors have been used for years in thermoplastic injection molding applications. However, the unique demands of LSR molding require a different strategy for in-cavity sensing. In this paper, we will discuss the types of sensors available for liquid silicone applications, and show some common uses for this technology.

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Addition to RJG's International Team
RJG announces the addition John Ryan to our international team. John is tasked with business development in the United Kingdom and Ireland and establishing a formal business entity in that region. John will temporarily work from Ann Arbor, Michigan until he relocates across the Atlantic!

New RJG trainer in Mexico
RJG has brought on Daniel Lopez as our new trainer and consultant for Mexico and the Southwestern United States. Daniel will be teaching courses in Spanish and English. Daniel will start out teaching Injection Molding Essentials, Systematic Molding and DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM Workshops.

Contact our training department to find out about training in this area.

Need help convincing YOUR customers?
Are you challenged with getting your customers to put sensors into their molds? RJG can provide you with the materials and support to encourage your customers to see the benefits of cavity pressure sensors. Contact us for details.

Is Your Company Making the Most of
Departmental Budgets?

Everyone knows that a well-trained work force is any company's best investment for attracting new business, keeping current customers happy, reducing employee turnover, increasing revenue potential and minimizing waste. Yet in spite of these well-documented facts, many companies do not effectively fund a yearly training budget.

RJG training, public and private, can cover many positions of a company and therefore could fall under any one of numerous yearly budgets. RJG training could very well qualify for budgets outside of typical locations within your company. For instance, Master Molder II might be justified in capital equipment budgets because the focus is on the use of the RJG eDART SystemTM along with our scientific molding methods. Or, because the Master Molder I and II certified status of your employees can be leveraged by your sales force as a tool to entice new business, your Marketing/Sales department may be able to include this training in their budget. If multiple departments want to issue separate POs to share the costs of a common training session, we can work with this, too.

RJG can help your management team develop a customized, multi-department training plan to be used during budget preparation. The plan can also be submitted to your state for possible grant approval. Contact the training department for additional tips and information.

eDART Upgrade 8.9
eDART Software Version 8.9 is now available for download. Just visit our web site for details or to download this free upgrade.

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What is this streaking? What is causing it?
How do we eliminate it?

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I recently accompanied Gary Chastain on a training trip to Wakefield, MI to visit a great customer of ours, Extreme Tool. They asked us to help find some answers to the above question. They had “tried everything”: Changes in temperatures and speeds, re-cutting steel, etc... Painful.

We took a fresh look at their simulation results. We marked the predicted fill times on the part. From the change in spacing between equal fill times you could quickly see that the flow front was 5 times smaller in the “necked down” area. The polycarbonate was racing through that section like water through a fire hose nozzle, about 5 times faster than in the rest of the part.

We also built an animation of flow from the simulation. This clearly showed the tendency of some ribs to fill first, trapping air behind them. The heat distribution in the core metal made this worse, especially after several cycles.

Solution: Slow down in the narrow area during fill. This allowed the air to escape without shooting over the surface of the part creating flow lines. And they lived happily ever after.

This may look simplistic. Perhaps it is. Yet we rarely find simulation used beyond the tool design office. At RJG we are bringing simulation into our systematic understanding of molding, into training and solving problems. Our work with SIGMASOFT® shows that simulation has great value in systematic molding during the entire life of a part from concept through troubleshooting. In particular the SIGMA® folks have made it possible to achieve a useful accuracy, even when operated by engineers like myself. They take an especially comprehensive approach to flow, packing and cooling.

Though RJG does not do simulations for hire we have associates who do. We do, however, promote its proper use and best practices for transferring the results to the real world. And, while we can’t yet make an accurate template for an eDARTTM, we can use simulation for many other purposes, from predicting setups and machine sizes to training or solving problems.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to discuss this further contact Art Schubert (art.schubert@rjginc.com) or Gary Chastain at 231-947-3111. You can contact SIGMA® in the U.S. through Mat Proske, SIGMA Plastics Services, contact@3dsigma.com, 708-704-5970.

Four Port Junction Boxes - Previous model
We still have 89 pieces of the old version J-LX4 in stock. After these are sold you can only purchase them in batches of 100 and there will be a 6 week lead time. Contact inside sales for details.

Easily Interface to Multiple piezoelectric sensors
RJG's Multi-Channel Piezoelectric Interface Connector with Mold ID allows users to interface up to eight RJG piezoelectric sensors while maintaining a small mold footprint. The unique cable connecting system allows for easy field replacement of cables and sensors with minimum nuisance and expense. The interface identifies the sensors and the mold to the eDART System™, so you can be sure you have the right mold running and the correct sensors selected. This product is building on the release of the Lynx Piezo Adapter for Fischer Connectors (see below left).

piezo adapter 1

Contact us if you would like more information.

Training Spotlight

Systematic Molding via LIVE eClassroom!
June 28 - July 2 (4 hours per day) - Online
This is an introduction course for anyone who wants to develop a systematic approach to molding at their facility. Students leave this course with a better understanding of how to develop a machine independent process, how to make data driven improvements to existing processes, as well as how to effectively trouble-shoot using scientific and systematic approaches. Students will also understand the cause and effect relationships between the machine, process, mold, and material as well as how and why polymer behavior is influenced. This will allow them to make informed decisions for lasting solutions instead of “band-aid” fixes to the process.This course is delivered directly to you via the internet with a Live instructor. You can “raise your virtual hand” to ask questions, see demonstrations, and re-watch the presentation later.

eDART Custom Inplant Workshops
These inplant workshops are designed for RJG eDART System users to further their understanding of the system's capabilities to help increase the efficiency of their molding operations. The training combines classroom time as well as a strong focus on taking what is learned in the classroom and going out to the production floor and applying the knowledge in order to drive Return on Investment (ROI) for the company. These classes are put together in a modular approach to help solve your unique needs and requirements for the training event.

  • Available for the eDART conx, flx, and apex. Some areas of focus are: stabilization, part containment, and advanced control techniques
  • Recommended for users after the initial system application training has been completed at the facility
  • Available in 1, 2, or 3 day formats
  • Unique combination of processing and data collection techniques to drive molding improvement and ROI in the areas you are looking for
  • Customized to focus and meet your needs

Contact our RJG Training Department for more details.


Upcoming Events
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Oct 21-22 MAPP Plastics Benchmarking Conference Indianapolis, IN  
Oct 27 - Nov 3 K Show Dusseldorf, Germany Booth #10 D29
Training Calendar
Date Course Location  
June 28 - July 2 Systematic Molding Online Register
July 19-30 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
July 27-30 Combination Systematic Molding with Workshop Pittsburg, KS Register
July 26-29 Strategies for Successful New Tool Launches Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Interested parties should contact Ms. Chuah Li Choon at 60 12 428 3265 yiadmin@streamyx.com
August 16-27 Master Molder II Traverse City, MI Register
September 7-10

Injection Molding Essentials

Online Register
September 13-24 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
October 4-15 Master Molder I Canton, GA Register
October 11-22 Master Molder II Traverse City, MI Register
October 12-14 Successful Strategies for New Tool Launches Columbus, IN Register

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