August 2010


Clever eDART Installations
Are your eDARTs installed in a way that you are particularly proud of? Please send us a photo and description of your installation(s). If we choose to showcase your photo as a best practice example - we'll promote it with a link to your company website in an upcoming newsletter!

Shown an eDART installation with built-in touchscreen at Ironwood Plastics

Wanted: Medical Molder
RJG Success Stories

Has RJG helped you make sure you're running to your validated process? Have we helped you decrease your validation time? Or have we helped with your validation process when moving a mold press to press? We're looking for customers to work with us on creating white papers regarding the improvements RJG can make on validated molding processes. If interested, please contact us.

RJG Gives Back
RJG feels it is extremely important to give to those less fortunate. We formed a team of volunteer employees to create our Goodwill Committee. The Goodwill Committee's job is to raise money and donate it to local charities and families in need throughout the year, with a special focus during the holidays. So far this year RJG's Goodwill Committee has raised over $2,000 through auctions, fundraiser events, and donations! We'd like to give a special thanks to those that came out to our Goodwill Grill-Out fundraiser last month and we'd also like to thank those who have donated pet supplies, children's toys, games, and books for the senior homes.

MAPP Benchmarking Conference
RJG is a proud sponsor at this year's MAPP Benchmarking Conference. Join us for 2 days of discussion of industry trends and forecasts, best practices, round table discussions, and networking. RJG will be giving away a free seat in our Master Molder class! Plus, if you're not a MAPP member say you're with RJG and receive $200 off your registration! Click here for details and to register.

RJG Employment Changes
Amanda Winn will be moving from the production department to customer support starting September. Amanda is a certified electronics technician with extensive experience working in eDART repair. She will be a dedicated in house support person with a limited travel schedule, allowing her to be on site and available for customer needs.

Rachelle Johnson returns to us after being away for a year and a half. Her previous tenure was over 10 years. She will rejoin her fellow employees in the production department. We are very grateful to have her back!

Training Certifications
Andrew Pawlowicz and John Ryan, our new RJG European representation, and Daniel Lopez, our new trainer in Mexico/SW United States are now Master Molder I certified. Congrats, guys!

RJG Representative, Dan Luke of Norstech Plastics is now certified to teach Basic Level eDART training. Norstech Plastics represents RJG in the mid northern states.

What's new in the RJG Lab
Milacron has consigned their Roboshot S2000i 55B electric machine for our lab. Click here for a full list of our lab partners.

eDART Upgrade 8.9
eDART Software Version 8.9 is now available for download. Just visit our website for details or to download this free upgrade.

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View the machine process from anywhere
If you have an eDART Data Manager, the Advanced System Overview Process Viewer gives you the ability to view current and past processes in detailed graphical form away from the machine. The process viewer provides summary data on all of the values that the eDARTTM computes both in the machine and in the mold. The cycle graph shows you how and where the current shot differs from the template. You may use the analyzer mode to check the previous shots that show suspicious summary values.

Click to enlarge

Are you a Phindows user?
Phindows users are limited to one person viewing the eDART at a time. The Process Viewer allows unlimited viewers, plus it's free! Are you a Phindows user that prefers Phindows to the Process Viewer? If so, let us know why or if you have any suggestions on how to improve the Process Viewer.

Easier Medical Injection Molding
Process Revalidation
Webinar - September 8
For many medical molders, moving molds between presses is costly in both time and money because of revalidation requirements. The resulting high costs and inefficiencies in press utilization are simply unacceptable in today’s business climate. In this presentation, we will present strategies for dramatically reducing revalidation costs using Universal Setup Sheets and in-cavity data. These are techniques that are currently being used successfully by highly respected device manufacturers and custom molders. Click here to register

Easily Interface to Multiple piezoelectric sensors
RJG's Multi-Channel Piezoelectric Interface Connector with Mold ID allows users to interface up to eight RJG piezoelectric sensors while maintaining a small mold footprint. The unique cable connecting system allows for easy field replacement of cables and sensors with minimum nuisance and expense. The interface identifies the sensors and the mold to the eDART System™, so you can be sure you have the right mold running and the correct sensors selected. This product is building on the release of the Lynx Piezo Adapter for Fischer Connectors (see below left).

piezo adapter 1

Contact us if you would like more information.

Training Spotlight

eDART Training now comes in Four Levels
Our eDART training now comes in four individual levels more focused to your needs. These levels include:

1) Basic eDART Training - Training of basic eDART functions and capabilities for new eDART users.
2) Stabilization eDART Workshop - This workshop instructs you on how to use eDART data to match and verify the correct process.
Containment eDART Workshop - This teaches users how to use the eDART to establish and set alarms for insuring quality.
4) Control eDART Workshop - This workshop explains to users how to use the eDART to build a DECOUPLED III process.

For more information or to schedule training contact our training department.

3 day Hands-on Maintenance Workshop
Reduce start-up costs, part variability, scrap, and time spent on trouble-shooting with the 3 day Hands-on Maintenance Workshop. This in-plant class will give students the basic understanding of processors everyday molding challenges. Discussion will include Defining Molding Problems, basic polymer make-up, and explanation of why the molding machine needs to be kept tuned and in good working condition. You will also cover the four plastics variables and get an overview of the basic molding process. Class time, group exercise, and lab time included. Click here for detailed info.

Injection Molding Essentials eLearning class
September 7-10, Online
This course is designed for anyone new to injection molding. It provides a solid foundation for understanding the injection molding process and the critical practice of good production techniques. You will fully grasp the elements and variables involved in the injection molding process and learn key terminology that will help you communicate and solve molding problems. Students leave this course familiar with all major components of an injection molding machine and mold, as well as the three elements of the cycle and what happens during each phase. They will understand the general nature and properties of plastics and understand the economic impact of making rejects, blocking cavities, and cycle time variation, and will learn why the four plastic variables (Melt Temperature, Flow Rate, Pressure Gradient, Cooling Rate and Time) are important when trouble-shooting a process. Classes are Tuesday through Friday 1-5pm. MAPP members, take advantage of your 1 free seat! Click here to register.

Successful Strategies for New Tool Launches
October 12-14, Columbus, OH
This course is specifically intended for designers, mold builders and tooling engineers who are looking to incorporate progressive strategies into the design and build of a mold to ensure robustness. Participants go through the evolution of part concept to established process. This course has the goal of preventing bad part design and bad molds from getting into production. By challenging both designs and molds early in systematic ways, weaknesses can be quickly defined and corrected before they become costly problems. Participants will also develop the tools to measure the mold, machine, and process capability interactions to determine the best recipe for successful tool launches. Click here to register.


Upcoming Events
Date Event Location  
September 8 Easier Medical Injection Molding
Process Revalidation - Webinar
Plastic's Today Online Register
Oct 21-22 MAPP Plastics Benchmarking Conference Indianapolis, IN Say you are with RJG to receive $200 off of your registration!
Oct 27 - Nov 3 K Show Dusseldorf, Germany Booth #10 D29
Training Calendar
Date Course Location  
August 16-27 Master Molder II Traverse City, MI Register
September 7-10

Injection Molding Essentials

Online Register
September 13-24 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
September 14-16 Systematic Molding Course
With 12 hours of on-machine time!
Rancho Cucamonga, CA Register
October 4-7 Successful Strategies for
New Tool Launches
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Interested parties should contact
Ms. Chuah Li Choon 60 12 428 3265
October 4-15 Master Molder I Canton, GA Register
October 11-22 Master Molder II Traverse City, MI Register
October 12-14 Successful Strategies for
New Tool Launches
Columbus, IN Register
Oct 25-Nov 5 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
December 6 Master Molder I Canton, GA Register

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