October 2010


State Funding in California!
Cleantech LA is proud to announce a new partnership with CA Manufacturing Technology Consulting (CMTC). CMTC has been awarded a state funding contract from California to provide training in manufacturing and or green/cleantech skills. The criteria is simple: your company must be a manufacturer in the green/cleantech sector within the state of California. Training takes place at your work site, and will range from 24 to 120 hours. Various manufacturing skills have been approved which include RJG’s Scientific Molding - Onsite training series. If you want to take advantage of offsetting the cost of training or have questions about your training plans contact, Rebecca Hamstra 231-933-8131 or Rebecca@rjginc.com

Machine Specifics for eDART Installations
Click here to visit the machine wiring page on our website for eDART hook-up and wiring information specific to your machine. Don't see your machine listed? Let us know!

RJG Talkin' Like Pirates
Avast! September 19th be International Pirate Day!
An' us RJG buccaneers be celebratin'. Garr...

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New Addition to the
Accounting Department

Please welcome Shelley Bailey to the Accounting Department. Shelley is an Accounting Assistant whose job duties will include accounts payable and accounts receivable. She comes to us with 15 years of accounting experience. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Business Management at Davenport University and Associates degree in Accounting at Northwestern Michigan College. Welcome, Shelley!

Wanted: Medical Molder
RJG Success Stories

Has RJG helped you make sure you're running to your validated process? Have we helped you decrease your validation time? Or have we helped with your validation process when moving a mold press to press? We're looking for customers to work with us on creating white papers regarding the improvements RJG can make on validated molding processes. If interested, please contact us.

RJG offers MAPP members
new benefits

RJG, Inc. is offering MAPP members one annual free admission to an RJG eLearning course, which brings comprehensive versions of scientific molding training courses directly to you via the internet, plus a 10% discount on all of RJG's courses. In addition to the free and discounted training, RJG will pay half of the cost of a company assessment through Harbour Results.

For more information about RJG’s training programs visit the training section of our website. For further details on MAPP benefits contact RJG's training department.

For more information about MAPP membership visit their website.

eDART Upgrade 8.9
eDART Software Version 8.9 is now available for download. Just visit our website for details or to download this free upgrade.

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RJG Training – It Isn't Just for Process Techs Anymore
For the last few years RJG has made a concerted effort to study the best practices of our most successful customers. Without exception these customers have cited how important it was to their success to immediately get everyone across all departments and job functions “speaking a common scientific molding language”. They saw that it was not enough to put a few process techs through a Systematic Molding class and send a few of those to Master Molder I. Instead, they recommend that everyone (including supervisors) go through a training course that will help them understand scientific molding principles. With everyone speaking the same processing language, data driven processing improvements can be understood and adopted by the whole team simplifying implementation and standardization of scientific molding techniques in your plant.

1) Systematic Molding eLearning: Targeted to both technical and non-technical personnel such as Executive Managers, Sales, Accounting, HR, Purchasing, Material Handlers, etc. This course is the introduction and foundation of all of RJG’s training.

2) Systematic Molding with Active Learning: Targeted to Process/Design/Validation Engineers; Tooling; Quality; Set-Up Techs; Machine Operators/Parts Inspectors; Plant & Production Managers; Shift Supervisors; Program Managers; and everyone who will interact in any way with the RJG eDART system. This course is 50% classroom, 50% hands-on. (It is optional but recommended to follow up with hands-on Decoupled II Workshop to establish true proficiency.)

3) Successful Strategies for New Tool Launches: For anyone involved in the design, management, risk assessment, forecasting, scheduling and quality of new tools/programs. Know you have a great process established before the steel is cut. Excellent for tooling suppliers and parts buyers.

4) Machine Maintenance Workshop: Targeted to maintenance techs. Applies to instrumented or non-instrumented tools. Highly recommended for companies that use the RJG eDART conx or apex systems.

Product Documentation on the Web
Not being able to find product documentation is not only a hassle but time consuming. Because of this fact, a project is under way on our website that will make product manuals and specs easier to find. We have added product photos, reorganized the information and added products that were not previously available. Check out our progress so far:
Click here for eDARTTM related documentation.
Click here for sensor related documentation. This is a long term ongoing project so check back to see the efforts. Also if you have any feedback please let us know.

Medical Molding Symposium
Singapore - December 1st
RJG’s Medical Molding Symposium will focus on helping companies deal with the very expensive and time/resource consuming task of meeting FDA requirement for IQ, OQ and PQ. Medical molders face a unique and growing set of challenges and FDA guidelines must be met and quality must be maintained, but at the same time ways to reduce costs associated with documentation and inspection must be reduced. US companies who use molding or tooling/design suppliers in Singapore should strongly encourage their suppliers to attend. Technology demonstrations included. Click here to register.

Training Spotlight

Successful Strategies for New Tool Launches
For anyone involved in the design, management, risk assessment, forecasting, quality or scheduling of new tools and/or those responsible for press transfer decisions for existing tools.

February 22-24 in Dongguan, China (hosted by Cosmos Tooling)
Presented in English with Mandarin trainer also on-site.

March 1-3 in Singapore (hosted by Nanyang Polytechnic)
Presented in English.

Registration for both of these will be handled by RJG (S.E.A.) Ltd. Registration or questions can be directed to nancy@rjginc.com or tang.peng@rjginc.com.

eDART Training Now Comes in Four Levels!
Our eDART training now comes in four individual levels more focused to your needs. These levels include:

1) Basic eDART Training - Training of basic eDART functions and capabilities for new eDART users.
2) Stabilization eDART Workshop - This workshop instructs you on how to use eDART data to match and verify the correct process.
3) Containment eDART Workshop - This teaches users how to use the eDART to establish and set alarms for ensuring quality.
4) Control eDART Workshop - This workshop explains to users how to use the eDART to build a DECOUPLED III process.

For more information or to schedule training contact our training department.

Basic eDART Training Class
November 9-10, Traverse City, MI
RJG will be holding a public eDART training class at RJG Nov 9th – 10th from 8:00 – 5:00 each day. The cost is $600 per person. This two day class would be 60% machine time 40% classroom time. The students will receive a book to work with and take back with them for future reference. Please see the attached for an overview of what we will cover.


Upcoming Events
Date Event Location  
Oct 27 - Nov 3 K Show Dusseldorf, Germany Booth #10 D29
December 1 Medical Molding Symposium Singapore Register
February 8-10 Plastec West Anaheim, CA Booth #3949
February 22-24 Expo Plasticos Monterrey, Mexico Booth #704
Training Calendar
Date Course Location  
November 9-10 Basic eDART Training Traverse City, MI Register
November 15-19 (PM) Systematic Molding Online Register
December 6-17 Master Molder I Canton, GA Class Full - Email us to get put on
the waiting list
January 11-13 Systematic Molding Kerrville, TX Register
January 17-28 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
February 14-25 Master Molder II Traverse City, MI Register
February 15-16 Injection Molding Essentials

Apodaca, Nuevo Leon Mexico

March 14-25 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
Click here to view the full training schedule. Classes for 2011 are now listed.

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