December 2010


Extended Customer Support Hours
Our Customer Support Department is now open until 9pm EST on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Monday, Wednesday, Friday hours are 8am - 5pm EST. They can be reached toll free at (1) 800-472-0566 or via the eDART Help Button.

The NEW TURKe Monitoring System
At RJG, we work hard...but we also play hard. Check out a video where we instrument turkeys with temperature sensors for our Thanksgiving luncheon.

RJG Consulting in the SouthWest
RJG consultant/trainer Shane Vandekerkhof has relocated to Salt Lake City, Utah. Shane will present consulting and training mainly in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and California. For consulting and training in this area contact Rebecca.

What's new in the RJG Lab
Sumitomo has consigned to us an all-electric SE75DUZ injection molding machine. Click here for a full list of our lab partners.

Beware of Unauthorized RJG Training
in China

It has come to our attention that training is being offered by a company called “Shenzhen Xinhuake Molding Consulting Co.,Ltd.” that uses RJG brand names, in particular RJG Master Molder. This training is in no way endorsed by RJG, Inc. For information on all legitimate RJG public training please visit the training portion of our website or contact us directly for customized private training options.

RJG offers MAPP members new benefits
RJG, Inc. is offering MAPP members one annual free admission to an RJG eLearning course, which brings comprehensive versions of scientific molding training courses directly to you via the internet, plus a 10% discount on all of RJG's courses. In addition to the free and discounted training, RJG will pay half of the cost of a company assessment through Harbour Results.

For more information about RJG’s training programs visit the training section of our website. For further details on MAPP benefits contact RJG's training department.

For more information about MAPP membership visit their website.

eDARTTM Upgrade 8.9
eDART Software Version 8.9 is now available for download. Just visit our website for details or to download this free upgrade.

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Products Under Development - Release First Quarter 2011!

Mold Deflection Sensor
The new Mold Deflection Sensor captures valuable information that allows you to:

  • Establish truly Machine Independent Process Templates
  • Resolve issues with parting line flash
  • Minimize part dimensional issues which are a result of changes in mold deflection
  • Allow analysis of differences between deflections in various machines and develop a systematic procedure for normalizing them
  • Resolve clamp force adequacy issues
  • Resolve mold robustness issues
  • Insure correlations of part characteristics to key molding variables

Click here for to read about some experiences we have had with the Mold Deflection sensor. Or for product details, click here.

md sensor

2.5mm Flush Mount Sensor Installation Kit
Verify your flush mount sensors are properly installed with RJG's 2.5 mm Flush Mount Sensor Installation/Check Kit. This kit contains all the tools and documentation needed to perform and check installations of RJG digital (LP-F-25-30k) and analog (6159) 2.5 mm flush mount pressure sensors. Sensor accuracy is dependent on proper installation. Undersized or non-concentric sensor pockets can cause preload, inaccurate readings or damage to a sensor. RJG designed this new kit to avoid these problems thus ensuring reliable sensor performance.

Monitor Cavity Pressure on Cores and Ejector Sleeves
RJG's new piezoelectric load washers monitor cavity pressure on cores and ejector sleeves. For ejector sleeves, the core pin extends through the load washer so that only pressure from the ejector sleeve is monitored. For cores, water or bubblers can flow through the hole in the load washer. A variety of sizes are available to suit most applications. To find out which load washer will work best for you, contact customer support.


Training Spotlight - Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches

For anyone involved in the design, management, risk assessment, forecasting, quality or scheduling of new tools and/or those responsible for press transfer decisions for existing tools.

April 5-7 Canton, GA - For this location Register here

If your tooling supplier is in China or SouthEast Asia

Contact Nancy Roberts if your company uses tooling suppliers in China or southeast Asia. The course focuses on how to incorporate the 4 Plastics Variables into the design and build of new tools so bad molds never make it to the production floor.

February 22-24 in Dongguan, China (hosted by Cosmos Tooling)
Presented in English with Mandarin trainer also on-site.
Registration or questions can be directed to nancy@rjginc.com 231-933-8130 or rjgsea@rjginc.com.

March 7-10 Seberang Jaya, Malaysia
Registration or questions can be directed to Ms. Chuah Choon at 60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com.

March 1-3 in Singapore (hosted by Nanyang Polytechnic)
Presented in English.
Registration or questions can be directed to nancy@rjginc.com 231-933-8130 or rjgsea@rjginc.com.

Upcoming Events
Date Event Location  
February 8-10 Plastec West Anaheim, CA Booth #3949
February 22-24 Expo Plasticos Monterrey, Mexico Booth #704
February 25 RJG Technology Day
Hosted by Cosmos Tooling
Presented in English and Mandarin
Dongguan, China Contact rjgsea@rjginc.com for details and registration.
March 7-9 Molding 2011 San Diego, CA  
April 11-13 Plastics In Medical Devices Huron, OH Booth #26
Training Calendar
Date Course Location  
January 11-13 Systematic Molding Kerrville, TX Register
January 17-28 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
February 14-25 Master Molder II Traverse City, MI Register
February 15-16 Injection Molding Essentials (Spanish)

Apodaca, Nuevo Leon Mexico

February 22-24 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Dongguan, China To register email Tang Peng
March 1-3 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Singapore To register email Tang Peng
March 7-10 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Seberang Jaya, Malaysia To register contact Ms. Chuah Choon at
60 12 428 3265 or yiadmin@streamyx.com
March 14-25 Master Molder I Traverse City, MI Register
March 15-17 Systematic Molding Canton, GA Register
April 5-7 Successful Strategies
for New Tool Launches
Canton, GA Register
April 12-14 Systematic Molding Traverse City, MI Register
Click here to view the full training schedule. Classes for 2011 are now listed.

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