RJG Newsletter - January 2009

RJG's Tool Transfer Seminars being offered in Michigan & North Carolina

Is Your Organization...

Challenged with the task of transferring molds and getting the same quality parts out of the mold once it has been moved?

Exhausted by the daunting task of having to move multiple molds to facilities all over the world?

Frustrated by the "learning curve" required to establish a process in a new machine?

RJG’s Tool Transfer Seminar focuses on helping companies deal with the very expensive and time/resource consuming task of transferring tools.
Click here for more information.

RJG's Customer Spotlight: Nypro Inc.
by Doug Thorpe

Nypro is one of the largest custom injection molding and contract manufacturers in the world. We operate over 50 separate businesses in 17 countries and provide our services to the world’s largest Electronics/Telecommunications, Consumer/Industrial, Packaging, Health care and Automotive companies as well as Contract Manufacturers. In 2001 we were facing numerous challenges including: thinner parts, tougher plastics, growth in regions of the world not known for plastics engineering, and producing the same parts in multiple sites around the world. It was that year that I was first introduced to RJG and their DECOUPLED MOLDING SM processing techniques at an Executive Overview held at Nypro. After the Executive Overview, I was assigned to lead Nypro Clinton’s training implementation team. The goal of the team was to implement a standardized, simplified, scientific approach to injection molding, in order to improve cycle time and part quality. Full article

Do you know without a doubt that your company needs to implement a training program, but economics keeps putting up roadblocks such as time or budget restrictions?

Are you concerned that your employee’s lack of technical skills will make the training ineffective?

Are you frustrated by past training programs that have not lived up to their promises?

Let RJG help – just tell us what you need. We can work with you to devise a training plan to fit most any budget and we can customize training to fit into most schedules. With no up front cost or obligation on your part, how can you go wrong by inquiring?

Call our Training Department to find out what we can do to help at 231-947-3111, ext. 175.

Grants and Financial Aid Available
If you know someone who is currently out of work due to these hard economic times please let them know that there is financial aid and grants available in many states. These grants can help them with technical training such as the RJG Master Molder Modules. In Michigan, for instance, there is the No Worker Left Behind program. Colleges/Universities and Family Independence Agencies may also be good sources for information about these beneficial programs. The RJG training coordinators have contact information in many states for people or agencies that can help get you started. For information please contact the RJG Training Department at 231.933.8175 or email us at training@rjginc.com

RJG Regional Public Training
Upcoming locations are:

Systematic Molding I (click here for details) :
February 3-5, 2009 Matamoros, Mexico (Spanish) Register

March 9-12, 2009 Singapore (2 days classroom/2 days on-machine)
- To register contact Jeffrey Siew 011 65 6846 1518

March 12-14, 2009 Grand Rapids, MI
- To register contact Elleena Chrzan 616-234-3382

May 5-7, 2009 Charlotte, NC Register

Electronic flyer available in Spanish for Matamoros session.
Contact Barb Shrum to request the flyer.

Systematic Molding II:
March 16-19, 2009 Singapore (2 days classroom/2 days on-machine)
- To register contact Jeffrey Siew 011 65 6846 1518

Master Molder I:
Jan. 22-23, 29-30 Feb. 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 2009 Grand Rapids, MI
- To register contact Elleena Chrzan 616-234-3382
Please contact training@rjginc.com for more details or call
231-947-3111x 175.
For a list of all upcoming available classes see the RJG Training Schedule.

We now have a simpler registration process!
Our registration process has been changed to an easier step-by-step process. It allows users to register multiple attendees at once and includes a simpler one page faxable form. We are open to further suggestions. Please let us know if there is any way that we can make the registration process even easier.

More Info Links...
RJG Training Schedule
Contact the RJG Training Department
RJG Articles Online

Poll of the Month
RJG is currently researching web conferencing for online training. We'd love feedback on your experience with webinars. Click here and scroll down for this month's question and/or email our marketing department with any further comments or suggestions!

Reduce Costly Sensor Installation Errors :

Informational Videos
Click here for informational videos on ways to avoid sensor installation errors such as counterbore issues and preload problems. More videos to come so check back!

Cavity Pressure Technology ~
The Do's & Don'ts of Implementation

In an effort to help customers reduce cavity pressure sensor installation errors we have created a quick slide show containing diagrams and images on how to correctly implement cavity pressure technology. Included are selecting the right sensor and button sensor installation tips. Click here to see how you can reduce or even eliminate sensor failures.

The Lynx Sensor Installation Kit
The Lynx Sensor Installation Kit can ensure correct installation of 1/2” button style sensors and proper functioning of cavity pressure sensors. Taking a few seconds to verify correct installation of sensors eliminates the headaches, cost and down time associated with discovering sensor damage or installation mistakes on the shop floor. Click here for more information.

RJG Button Sensor Installation Webinar

Are you frustrated with the time and costs associated with sensor wear and damage?

Are you concerned that your sensors might not be
reading accurately?

Are you aggravated with frequent sensor
wire damage?

This hour long webinar discusses the correct installation of RJG Cavity Pressure Button Sensors as well as explain common installation errors.

Click here for upcoming dates.

Time to Replace Your Battery?
If you own an eDART with a battery backup, it may be time to check the status of the battery. Batteries do wear out over time, which can vary according to environmental conditions. To see if your battery is working, look at the LEDs near the power connection. If you see a red light, first verify that the battery switch inside the unit is in the ON position. Then make sure the unit has been plugged in for at least 24 hours. If the red light is still on, contact RJG Customer Support for options on replacing the battery. It is a simple procedure that helps ensure the integrity of your data if power is ever lost to the eDART.

What's New in the Lab
Milacron has consigned a 55 ton Roboshot S2000i machine to our training lab. For a complete list of our lab partners click here.

RJG is Looking for Customer Input
A main initiative at RJG this year is to work with our customers to get 95% of the eDARTs in the field fully implemented. RJG is looking for comments or suggestions as to how we can improve our equipment or the process of implementing our equipment. We'd love to hear from you.

Download eDART Software 8.7
eDART Software 8.7 is now available. This release includes support for the eDART Data Manager, Release 1.1 as well as various bug fixes. Read the 'What's New' for more information. eDART customers can download the latest software updates directly from our web site. If you have any questions contact Customer Support.

RJG Knowledge Base
Sign up to gain access to Art Schubert's eDART Tips. Art is RJG's lead development engineer and has been responsible for many of the innovations created at RJG. Art will be monitoring the Knowledge Base and answering your posted questions. Users will also be notified of future "Art's Tips" by e-mail.

RJG Articles Online
RJG has written numerous articles for plastics industry magazines. These articles can now be viewed by browsing to the Tech Resources page of the RJG web site or by clicking this direct link.

FREE On-Line Assessment Testing
A good first step in deciding where to start with training is for you or your staff to take our on-line Assessment Test. We will then help to determine the best training strategy for you and your organization. If a company plans to test more than 4 individuals, please contact the RJG training department to arrange for company-wide scoring. Testing is available in Chinese, Spanish and French!

Upcoming Events
Date Event Booth # Location
February 4-9 Plastindia/Proplast K06 New Delhi, India
March 1-4 Plastics News Executive Forum - Las Vegas, NV
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