July 2009

New Products

Custom Lynx Sensor Plate
The Lynx Sensor Plate for the eDART System provides a simple way to install RJG cavity pressure sensors while maintaining a small mold footprint. The sensors, electronics and wiring are mounted inside the ejector backing plate to save space, reduce cabling and protect them from damage. Having the sensors installed at RJG allows every sensor to be verified for proper operation as well as allows mold configuration files to be created before the mold goes into service, resulting in shorter start-up times. View product slide show for details.

New Balance Viewer Software
RJG’s new Balance Viewer software provides a tool for users to visually balance hot runner manifolds. With an eDART™ process controller and pressure or temperature sensors in every cavity of a mold, you can use the data to balance the tip temperatures. Selection buttons on the software allow you to check the balance of other parts of the process: filling and packing, pressurization and mold temperature. The viewer tool automatically sets up and scales the bars for the number and range of sensors found. Once a tool is balanced, any odd behavior such as material build-up or clogging, can initiate a warning system and will not be masked by automatic control adjustments. Click here for a demonstration.

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eDART conx Software - New eDART software module speeds implementation of scientific molding without the use of cavity pressure
By providing the tools to easily verify that the correct processes are running to template, the eDART conx software allows managers to quickly identify machine problems and correct processes. The result is stable processes and quicker implementation of scientific molding. Networking eDARTs allow users to view the entire plant from a browser in the office or at home. eDART conx is the third software module in the suite.  Other modules include eDART apex™ for advanced process control and eDART flx™ for part containment.  Both the conx software and the flx software are upgradeable to the full apex software.

Verify your flush mount sensors are properly installed
RJG's 4mm Flush Mount Sensor Installation/Check Kit contains the tools and documentation to install and check dimensions of the pockets for standard and Lynx4mm Piezoelectric Flush Mount style cavity pressure sensor installations. Sensor accuracy is dependent on proper installation of the sensor. If a sensor fits too tightly in the tool it can cause preload on the sensor and inaccurate readings or if the bore is not concentric, this too can cause improper readings from the sensor. RJG designed this new kit as a tool to ensure proper installation of flush mount sensors.

In-Mold Temperature Sensors
The 1mm Flush Mount Temperature Sensor is a miniaturized K type cavity temperature sensor designed for application where small size and fast reaction is important.  The 1mm temperature sensor is available with a machinable sensor tip.

The 1.5mm Spring Loaded Temperature Sensor is a miniaturized K type temperature sensor designed for application where a witness mark is to be avoided.  The sensor can be mounted behind the cavity surface insuring no marks are left on the part and avoiding flash problems sometimes experienced with certain materials. Its removable feature also allows for easy maintenance.

New Press Fit Insert Eliminates Flush Mount Sensor Installation Errors
RJG’s Flush Mount Sensor Press Fit Insert contains a complete 4mm flush mount sensor pocket, with all the critical dimensions taken care of for you. This greatly simplifies the installation of RJG flush mount sensors, as well as provides an alternative installation technique for difficult applications. With just a few simple steps you can successfully install a flush mounted sensor correctly every time.

For details and pricing on these products contact Inside Sales.

DOE for Injection Molding Workshop

This workshop is designed for:

  • Medical molders who use DOE for the OQ phase of validation
  • Process Engineers who want to qualify molds more quickly
  • Quality Engineers who need to make their tool tryouts more effective and less costly

In this hands-on workshop we will cover:

  • Why DOE for injection molding is different
  • The critical role of the Four Plastics Variables
  • The 11 step checklist for planning the experiment, running the parts, and analyzing the results
  • Understanding when to use DOE – and when not
  • Finding the optimum process to meet multiple part quality requirements
  • Determine the acceptable processing window using data
  • Analyzing the data using simple yet powerful statistical tools

August 25-27, August 28 - Optional Alarms Settings Workshop
Contact our training department
for more details.

Successful Strategies for Tool Launches
This course is for Program Managers and others with a job function in any way related to new tool launches. A public class will be held in the Atlanta area August 18-20. It is also available as a customized option on-site at your facility. Click this link for course details or click here to register.

RJG Regional Public Training
Upcoming locations are:

Systematic Molding I (click here for details):
August 5-7 Grand Rapids, MI - Contact Elleena Chrzan 616-234-3382

Systematic Molding for Mold Builders and Tooling Engineers (click here for details):
August 18-20 Canton, GA

Combination Systematic Molding I - Workshop
October 27-30 Canton, GA

Master Molder I:
August 3-14 - Maumelle, AR
Oct. 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23, 29-30 - GR, MI Contact Elleena Chrzan 616-234-3382
November 9-20 Canton, GA

Please contact training@rjginc.com for more details or call 231-947-3111x 175. For a list of all upcoming available classes see the RJG Training Schedule.

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RJG Training Schedule
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$2,000 Trade-In Credit
RJG is currently offering a $2,000 credit towards the trade-in of your DartScanner or DT box(es) to use towards the purchase of an eDART System™. Please contact RJG for further information.

RJG Technology Day
July 23 - Lebanon, KY
RJG’s FREE Half Day Technology seminar focuses on systematic processing strategies and advanced processing technologies that will allow you to consistently manufacture the highest quality parts. Molders are finding that three key components provide positive results: employee training, process control systems and cavity pressure sensors. Individually, each of these components have a positive effect on part quality, when combined the results can be astonishing. This seminar is a must for anyone responsible for the development and manufacturing of plastic parts, or responsible for part quality issues. Morning or afternoon sessions available. Click here to register.

Download eDART Software 8.8
eDART Software Version 8.8 is now available. This release includes support for the new Balance Viewer Tool, the Process Stability Dashboard and the eDART conx software, and more. Click here for details or to download.

RJG Re-launches It's Web Site
More customer focused than ever, our improved website will help RJG’s customers quickly and easily find solutions to their problems. With more dynamic and engaging content, easier navigation, more robust search, and customer log-in RJG’s website is the place to go to find injection molding processing knowledge, products and support. www.rjginc.com

RJG Becomes a Sponsor of MAPP
RJG recently presented MAPP (Manufacturers Association for Plastics Processors) with a sponsorship check. RJG has been a supporter of MAPP for the last two years and the organizations have now decided to increase their partnership. This new partnership will offer discounted pricing to MAPP members on RJG eLearning training as well as give MAPP members the tools and resources to increase their companies’ effectiveness. MAPP is the only processor driven manufacturers association and largest grass-roots organization of its kind in the plastics industry. With members located across the United States, MAPP offers an array of services which are all designed to significantly impact plastics business operations and grow bottom line profits.

Save Time and Money with RJG's LIVE eClassroom
The eClassroom series consists of comprehensive versions of RJG’s renowned scientific molding training courses delivered directly to you LIVE via WebEx. You can “raise your virtual hand” to ask questions, see demonstrations, and re-watch the presentation later. For details, registration, and a video promo click here.

Upcoming Systematic Molding I sessions:
July 28-30 (full day classes)
August 17-21 (morning classes)

RJG Training Partner Sponsors Students to Attend NPE
RJG training partner, Pittsburgh State University, sponsored 17 of their plastics students to attend the NPE show. PSU is equipped with an eDART, an instrumented Mold, and are currently writing DECOUPLED MOLDINGSM into their advanced Plastics Curriculum.

$75,000 in Federal Grant Money!!
The Trade Adjustment Assistance program is offering a 50/50 cost sharing of projects aimed at improving a company's competitive position. Click here for more information.

Process Monitoring & Control for Medical Molders Webinar
This archived webinar discusses the proven, data driven strategies to simplify validation processes while improving quality and reducing costs. Simple techniques are presented for documenting processes to allow easy transfer of molds between presses. We discuss the importance of process monitoring, and how to choose the right data to monitor. We also identify a systematic approach to risk assessment for new molds and examine how to train your processors in scientific molding techniques. Click here for the archived version of this webinar.

Medical Molding Symposiums
September 29, 2009 Clinton, MA
October 13, 2009 Charlotte, NC
RJG’s Medical Molding Symposiums focus on helping companies deal with the very expensive and time/resource consuming task of meeting FDA requirement for IQ, OQ and PQ. Medical molders face a unique and growing set of challenges. FDA guidelines must be met and quality must be maintained, but at the same time ways to reduce costs associated with documentation and inspection must be reduced. Click on the dates above for more information on these free seminars.


Upcoming Events
Date Event Booth # Location
July 23 RJG Technology Day - Lebanon, KY
September 29 Medical Molding Symposium - Clinton, MA
October 4-7 SPE Automotive TPO Global Conference
RJG's Shane Vandekerkhof, Guest Speaker
- Sterling Heights, MI
October 13 Medical Molding Symposium - Charlotte, NC
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