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RJG Newsletter - December 2008

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RJG Regional Public Training  
Upcoming locations are:

Systematic Molding I (click here for details):
December 9-11, 2008 LaGrange, GA
December 9-11, 2008 Ogden, UT
February 3-5, 2009 Matamoros, Mexico (Spanish)
March 9-12, 2009 Singapore
- To register contact Jeffrey Siew 011 65 6846 1518

March 12-14, 2009 Grand Rapids, MI
- To register contact Elleena Chrzan 616-234-3382

Electronic flyer available in Spanish for Matamoros session.
Contact Barb Shrum to request the flyer.

Systematic Molding II:
March 16-19, 2009 Singapore
- To register contact Jeffrey Siew 011 65 6846 1518

Master Molder I
Jan 22-23, 29-30 Feb 5-6, 12-13, 19-20, 2009 Grand Rapids, MI
- To register contact Elleena Chrzan 616-234-3382

Please contact training@rjginc.com for more details or call
231-947-3111x 175
. For a list of all upcoming available classes see the RJG Training Schedule.

FREE On-Line Assessment Testing
A good first step in deciding where to start with training is for you or your staff to take our on-line Assessment Test. We will then help to determine the best training strategy for you and your organization. If a company plans to test more than 4 individuals, please contact the RJG training department to arrange for company-wide scoring. Testing is available in Chinese, Spanish and French!

RJG is looking for Customer Input
A main initiative at RJG this year is to work with our customers to get 95% of the eDARTs in the field fully implemented. RJG is looking for comments or suggestions as to how we can improve our equipment or the process of implementing our equipment. We'd love to hear from you.

RJG Knowledge Base
Sign up to gain access to Art Schubert's eDART Tips. Art is RJG's lead development engineer and has been responsible for many of the innovations created at RJG. Art will be monitoring the Knowledge Base and answering your posted questions. Users will also be notified of future "Art's Tips" by e-mail.

RJG Articles Online
RJG has written numerous articles for plastics industry magazines. These articles can now be viewed by browsing to the Tech Resources page of the RJG web site or by clicking this direct link.

Download eDART Software 8.6
The 8.6 software offers new features such as Alarm Stability checking, Flow animation, and an Effective Melt temperature tool. Click here for details on these software enhancements. RJG's eDART customers can download the latest software updates directly from our web site. If you have any questions contact Customer Support.

More Info Links...
RJG Training Schedule
Contact the RJG Training Department

RJG Articles Online


RJG Button Sensor Installation Webinar

Are you frustrated with the time and costs associated with sensor wear and damage?

Are you concerned that your sensors might not be
reading accurately?

Are you aggravated with frequent sensor
wire damage?

This hour long webinar will discuss correct installation of
RJG Cavity Pressure Button Sensors
as well as explain common installation errors.

Date: December 18, 2008
Time: 10:00am - 11:00am EST
Click here to register.

Reduce Costly Sensor Installation Errors:

Implementing Cavity Pressure Technology Document
In an effort to help customers reduce cavity pressure sensor installation errors we have created a document with information on implementing cavity pressure technology. Included is information on selecting the right sensor and button sensor installation tips. Click here to see how you can reduce sensor failures from incorrect installation.

The Lynx Sensor Installation Kit
The Lynx Sensor Installation Kit can ensure correct installation of 1/2” button style sensors and proper functioning of cavity pressure sensors. Taking a few seconds to verify correct installation of sensors eliminates the headaches, cost and down time associated with discovering sensor damage or installation mistakes on the shop floor.
Click here for more information.

Successful Implementation of the
eDART Data Manager

By Ivan Bannon

The EDM is a hardware and software solution for managing all of your eDARTs, monitoring the jobs they are running, and viewing their processes in real time. The key to the EDM kingdom is through the Ethernet network. A well thought out and designed network will save you a lot of headaches when it comes to implementing the EDM. Basically the EDM needs to do two things. It needs to communicate with the eDART, and it needs to allow users to communicate with it. Here are some things to know:

1.  Make the network between the EDM and the eDART(s) as simple as possible. The EDM's main job is to communicate with the eDARTs so the fewer things in its way the better. By that I mean routers, gateways, and any other hardware or software that might prevent, or impede, communications.

2.  The EDM's network connection to the eDART must be on the same IP network and subnet as the eDART. This means that whatever IP/subnet you have planned for the eDART, the EDM connection to the eDART must be the same. If the eDART is 192.168.1.xxx/24, then the EDM network card connected to the eDART must be 192.168.1.xxx/24.

3.  The end users need to access the EDM in two ways. One is through the use of their web browser and the other is through a mapped connection to shared drive space on the EDM. This mapped connection is to the data being backed up from the eDART. The web browser is used to monitor all eDARTs on the network and to view the processes running on individual eDARTs.

4.  In order to provide the best support possible RJG needs to be able to remotely access the EDM, and through the EDM the eDART. The fastest, easiest connection is through the Internet. This can be accomplished many ways and is completely up to the customer. Remote support will make resolving the customer issues much easier and much, much quicker than emails and phone conversations. It is also much less expensive than on-site visits.

5.  Get your IT department involved as soon as possible in the decision making process. As soon as you consider networking the eDART, with or without an EDM, getting IT involved will make the project more likely to succeed. Having your IT department contact RJG early on will help resolve issues before they become problems.

Keep these points in mind whenever you look at networking your eDARTs, or adding the eDART Data Manager to your facility.  A little thought up front can save you a lot of frustration in the future.

Upcoming Events
Date Event
Booth #
January 26-28 Molding 2009
New Orleans, LA
February 4-9 Plastindia/Proplast
New Delhi, India
March 1-4 Plastics News Executive Forum
Las Vegas, NV
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