The RJG Newsletter ~ April 2008

RJG Regional Public Training
Upcoming locations are:

Systematic Molding I:
April 29 - May 1, 2008 Norcross, GA (FULL)
June, 2008 KY (Dates and location pending)

Master Molder I:
May 12-23, El Paso, TX at The Toro Company (FULL)
May 15-16, 21-22, 29-30, June 4-6, 2008 Erie, PA

July 7-18, 2008 (Spanish) El Paso, TX at The Toro Company

Please contact for more details or call
231-947-3111x 175

For a list of all upcoming classes see the RJG Training Schedule

Niigata Partners With RJG To Provide FREE Online Training With New Machine Orders

RJG has formed a training partnership with Niigata All Electric Molding Machines to include free Online Training with all new machine orders. Niigata has long recognized RJG as the leader in plastics training and is offering a few select online training courses to its customers. Additionally, Niigata’s customers will receive special offers on the other online training courses that RJG offers.
“RJG keeps its partners and customers on the cutting edge by offering a wide range of online training programs that teach RJG’s core processing philosophies and practices.” states Matt Groleau, President of RJG, Inc. “Our customers appreciate Niigata’s commitment to training and educating their workforce.” states Peter Gardner, Vice President & General Manager of Niigata, Division of Daiichi Jitsugyo (America), Inc.  

RJG Customer Spotlight - Extreme Tool

Extreme Tool is one of a handful of RJG Certified Tryout Shops. The company has gone through extensive training and has purchased equipment that allows them to provide their customers with "Ready-To-Go" molds. They offer their customers validated molds with robust processes that can be easily transferred, repeated, and monitored on their molding machines as soon as they receive the mold. Their robust processes allow their customers to make good parts as soon as the mold is put into action.

The company's efforts have not gone without reward! Increasing business has forced the Wakefield, MI based company to recently double in size and to build a separate design office in Houghton, MI. The beginning of this year Extreme Tool opened a partner company called Cosmos based in Hong Kong.

Click here to read Moldmaking Technology's Ready-To-Go Molds article written by
Extreme Tool's president, Mike Zacharias.

FREE On-Line Assessment Testing

A good first step in deciding where to start with training is for you or your staff to take our on-line Assessment Test. We will then help to determine the best training strategy for you and your organization. If a company plans to test more than 4 individuals, please contact the RJG training department to arrange for company-wide scoring.

Interactive Training
A. Routsis Associates is now a division of RJG, which has allowed us to integrate interactive web based training with RJG's hands on training courses. Customers now have the option of a dedicated customer web portal allowing a minimum of one year full access to our entire library of over 40 customizable injection molding courses. Contact the Training Department to request access to a one week free preview of all our online products.

Visit these informative links about interactive training courses:

Basic Interactive Training Courses
Pay Back Calculator
What Managers Need to Know

Inquire about training in Spanish & Mandarin Chinese!

Early Bird Discount
RJG offers a 10% Early Bird Discount on any public training course that is paid in full by credit card, 90 days prior to the start of the course. Upcoming courses eligible for the Early Bird Discount are:

Systematic Molding I

August 26-28, 2008 Payment due by May 26
September 23-25, 2008 Payment due by June 23

Master Molder I
August 4-15, 2008 Payment due by May 4

September 22-Oct 3, 2008 Payment due by June 22

Master Molder II
August 11-22, 2008 Payment due by May 11
August 18-29, 2008 Payment due by May 18

For information contact our Training Coordinators at or 231-947-3111 ext.175.

RJG Articles Online
RJG has written numerous articles for plastics industry magazines. These articles can now be viewed by browsing to the Tech Resources page of the RJG web site or by clicking this direct link.

More Info Links...

RJG Training Schedule
Contact the RJG Training Department

RJG Articles Online

Poll of the Month
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RJG Knowledge Base
Sign up to gain access to Art Schubert's eDART Tips. Art is RJG's lead development engineer and has been responsible for many of the innovations created at RJG. Art will be monitoring the Knowledge Base and answering your posted questions. Users will also be notified of future "Art's Tips" by email.

Sensor Solid Model Database
Customers can now import our sensors in a 3-D solid model for their tool design software.  Simply select the desired model number and use the contents of the downloadable .zip file to add the sensors to your tool model.  The .zip file also contains information for installation and tooling instructions.


eDART Data Manager Released for Beta
RJG's new eDART Data Manager (EDM) has now been released for Beta testing at several customer locations. The EDM is a hardware and software solution for managing all of your eDARTs, monitoring the jobs they are running, and viewing their processes in real time. With features such as the Advanced System Overview, Cross Copy, automated data backup, and much more, the EDM makes it much easier for you to manage your eDARTs and the data they contain. The eDART Data Manager is scheduled for full release in June 2008. Click here for more information about the EDM.

Low Cost Cavity Temperature Sensor
RJG now offers a press fit cavity temperature sensor for sensing the arrival of the flow front inside the cavity, as well as to measure the true mold temperature. The sensor wires into the Lynx Quad Temperature module enabling the eDART System to compute and display the sensor's data. These sensors are 3 mm in diameter and were designed to reduce tooling cost to a minimum. Customers are currently using them for part containment on mold temperature and changes in melt temperature. The need to know the true mold temperature is particularly critical with parts made of semi-crystalline materials and that have tight dimensional tolerances. They have also been used for the control of valve gates on the arrival of the flow front when the pressure would be too low to do the job. We are continuing to build our knowledge base for future applications such as short-shot detection, missing inserts, Decoupled 1 molding and thermosets. Click here for more information.

RJG Personnel Changes

Glen Embry is our new Regional Manager/Consultant for RJG in the KY area. Glen comes to us from World Class Plastics, Inc where he was the Vice President of Injection Molding Operations. Glen will be working with Doug Espinoza and Karl Bauer to ensure continued success with our customers in that area as well as performing consulting and training for customers.

Dan Clark is our new trainer/consultant for Dave Sanborn and Steve Zenner's territories with a focus on the midwest. Dan comes to us from Wise Plastics and has extensive experience with Lean Manufacturing. He has also created and operated his own training business.

Melissa Drake joined the RJG team on March 10th in the Inside Sales Department. Melissa has spent the last 6 years in the Navy where she participated in Operation Enduring Freedom. Melissa will be working with Kip Doyle, Karl Bauer, Jon Newsome, and Glen Embry.

What's New in the Lab
Niigata has consigned a new Niigata 55 ton electric molding machine and Maruka/Toyo has consigned at SI 55IV molding machine to our training lab.

Other machines consigned to our lab are:
Negri Bossi

Download eDART Software 8.5
RJG's eDART customers can download the latest software updates directly from our web site. If you have any questions contact Customer Support.

Newsletter Content Recommendations
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RJG is looking for Customer Input
A main initiative at RJG this year is to work with our customers to get 95% of the eDARTs in the field fully implemented. RJG is looking for comments or suggestions as to how we can improve our equipment or the process of implementing our equipment. We'd love to hear from you.

Upcoming Events
Date Event
Booth #
April 23-24 Moldmaking Expo
Novi, MI
May 5 MGS Open House
Germantown, WI
May 20 Western Plastics Processors Trade Fair
Anaheim, CA
May 21 RJG User Group Conference at Maruka/Toyo Tech Center
Shelby Township, MI
May 26-29 Aseanplas
June 3-5 Plastec East
New York, NY
June 10 Part Quality Control for Users of Plastic Parts
Dearborn, MI (U of M)
June 10-12 Penn State Injection Molding Conference
Erie, PA
June 17-19 RJG Executive Overview
Traverse City, MI
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