The RJG Newsletter ~ March 2008

RJG Now Offers Regional Public Training
Upcoming locations are:

Systematic Molding I:
April 29 - May 1, 2008 Norcross, GA
May 13 -15, 2008 Lees Summit, MO
June 10 -12, 2008 KY

Master Molder I:
May 15-16, 21-22, 29-30, June 4-6, 2008 Erie, PA

Please contact for more details or call
231-947-3111x 175

For a list of all upcoming classes see the RJG Training Schedule.

RJG Technology Day
RJG is offering a Tech Day on April 22nd at the Texas State Technical College in Harlingen, TX. This all day event will be taught by Rod Groleau and will offer information on controlling your injection molding process utilizing cavity pressure technology, strategies for implementing automated part containment, and the benefits of a comprehensive training program. Spanish translation will be available. This SPE sponsored event will be a great networking opportunity that will provide valuable information for injection molders. For more details or to register please contact Oscar Garcia at 361-668-3969 or you can email him at

Systematic Molding for Mold Builders
and Tooling Engineers

This course is specifically intended for designers, mold builders and tooling engineers, as well as tooling and machine maintenance personnel who are looking to incorporate progressive strategies into the design and build of a mold to ensure robustness. This course is only held publicly twice a year so contact our training department right away to register for this upcoming class.

March 25-27, 2008 Traverse City, MI

FREE On-Line Assessment Testing

A good first step in deciding where to start with training is for you or your staff to take our on-line Assessment Test. We will then help to determine the best training strategy for you and your organization. If a company plans to test more than 4 individuals, please contact the RJG training department to arrange for company-wide scoring.

Interactive Training
A. Routsis Associates is now a division of RJG, which has allowed us to integrate interactive web based training with RJG's hands on training courses.

Customers now have the option of a dedicated customer web portal allowing a minimum of one year full access to our entire library of over 40 customizable injection molding courses. Contact the Training Department to request access to a one week free preview of all our online products.

Visit these informative links about interactive training courses.

Basic Interactive Training Courses
Pay Back Calculator
What Managers Need to Know

Inquire about training in
Spanish & Mandarin Chinese!

Early Bird Discount
RJG offers a 10% Early Bird Discount on any public training course that is paid in full by credit card, 90 days prior to the start of the course. Upcoming courses eligible for the Early Bird Discount are:

Systematic Molding I

July 15-17, 2008 Payment due by April 15

Master Molder I
August 4-15, 2008 Payment due by May 4

Master Molder II
July 14-25, 2008 Payment due by April 14
August 18-29, 2008 Payment due by May 18

For information contact our Training Coordinators at or 231-947-3111 ext.175.



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Low Cost Cavity Temperature Sensor
RJG now offers a press fit cavity temperature sensor for sensing the arrival of the flow front inside the cavity, as well as to measure the true mold temperature. The sensor wires into the Lynx Quad Temperature module enabling the eDART System to compute and display the sensor's data. These sensors are 3 mm in diameter and were designed to reduce tooling cost to a minimum. Customers are currently using them for part containment on mold temperature and changes in melt temperature. The need to know the true mold temperature is particularly critical with parts made of semi-crystalline materials and that have tight dimensional tolerances. They have also been used for the control of valve gates on the arrival of the flow front when the pressure would be too low to do the job. RJG is currently building their knowledge base for future applications such as short-shot detection, missing inserts, Decoupled 1 molding and thermosets.

eDART Extended Cycle Time Tool
The Extended Cycle Time Tool was created in response to the occasional need for eDART users to go over the
eDART's standard 4 minutes and 20 seconds cycle time. This particularly benefits large, thick walled applications as well as lens molding. With this tool eDART users are now able to run molding cycles up to 35 minutes long. This user friendly tool is available for $995 per eDART.

Alert Software:
Automatic notification of shop problems!

is an efficient and simple to use alert system that notifies users when their machines are not operating within optimal parameters, enabling them to respond quickly to problems that might not get noticed otherwise.  Based on their preferences, users are notified by e-mail when: a machine is down during a run, a machine creates reject parts, and/or a machine creates suspect parts.

With cell phones and pagers that accept e-mail messages, you can be completely mobile, and still be in touch with your molding machines. You have the ability to restrict duplicate e-mails by setting a time limit for receiving alerts when duplicate events happen.

For monitoring on a plant wide level, Alert can be installed and customized, allowing the plant to be split into cells. Supervisors and technicians only receive alerts for issues in their specified area. For more information on Alert click here.

Download eDART Software 8.5
RJG's eDART customers can download the latest software updates directly from our web site. If you have any questions contact Customer Support.

Newsletter Content Recommendations
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RJG is looking for Customer Input
A main initiative at RJG this year is to work with our customers to get 95% of the eDARTs in the field fully implemented. RJG is looking for comments or suggestions as to how we can improve our equipment or the process of implementing our equipment. We'd love to hear from you.

More Info Links...
RJG Training Schedule
Contact the RJG Training Department

RJG Articles Online

RJG Articles Online
RJG has written numerous articles for plastics industry magazines. These articles can now be viewed by browsing to the Tech Resources page of the RJG web site or by clicking this direct link.

Upcoming Events
Date Event Booth # Location
March 12-14 2008 Pennsylvania Plastics SourceNet Symposium
State College, PA
March 19-20 Plastec South
Charlotte, NC
March 26-27 Massplastics
Fitchburg, MA
April 15-17 PDM
Telford, England
April 17-20 Chinaplas
E3 T09
Shanghai, China
April 22 RJG Technology Day
Harlingen, TX
April 23-24 Moldmaking Expo
Novi, MI
May 5 MGS Open House
Akron, OH
June 10-12 Penn State Injection Molding Conference
Erie, PA
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