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Gate Freeze Study: Danger in a Name?

A word of wisdom from RJG Consultant, Thom Smith, on why you should complete a Hold Time study, even for valve gated or hot runner molds.

Hold time is one of the critical variables in any injection molding process. Hold time has a significant effect on many part characteristics such as weight, dimensions, surface appearance, strength… the list goes on. As with all of the critical variables in molding, an optimized hold time should be established based on data. Click here to continue reading Thom's article, recently published in Plastics Technology magazine.

Training Spotlight - Don't Miss out on These New Courses!

Material Handling: Learn the proper techniques for material handling and troubleshooting. This course explains the ins and outs of raw material management, what to consider when choosing materials, what to watch out for in product labeling, and what to consider when determining dryer requirements. The objective of this course is to reduce errors and inconsistencies in processing due to material handling issues. Available as an in-plant course.

Machine Maintenance Workshop: Ensure your machine reaches its expected performance. This course is designed for machine maintenance personnel responsible for upkeep, troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance of injection molding machines and ancillary equipment. The performance of the press is critical to a molder’s ability to deliver consistent parts. Maintenance personnel must understand how to identify and fix press performance concerns in order to optimize press tuning. Available as a public or in-plant course.

Part Design for Injection Molding. Save costs by avoiding mold re-work and getting the part designed right the first time. This course provides molders, tool makers, and design engineers with a common language and the universal knowledge required to successfully design and produce plastic injection molded components. Available as a public or in-plant course. Next course: November 8 - 10 in Traverse City, MI.

Strain Gage Adapter


Benefits of the New MCSG Adapter:

  • Significantly Smaller Size
  • Higher Resolution
  • Better Quality Data
  • Simplified MCSG Sensor Selection Process
Say Hello to the Newly Remodeled MCSG Adapter

Our updated Multi-Channel Strain Gage adapter (SG/LX8-S-ID) is now available and will be shipping immediately.

With this new, high resolution adapter, we’re able to use higher force MCSG sensors with smaller pins, making the sensor selection process easier—almost a one-size-fits-all solution.

The enhanced adapter is fully compatible with all existing MCSG equipment, however there is a smaller mounting hole pattern than in previous versions of the adapter—details can be found in the updated manual.

An eDARTsoftware update is also required in order for the adapter to function properly. To learn more, check it out on our website, or give us a call.

New Addition to Our Team
Alex Zhang
Alex Zhang

Alex Zhang has joined the RJG China team as Sales Manager. Alex has 12 years of industrial product sales experience, holds a bachelor's degree and an MBA in Mechanical Engineering, and speaks fluent English. Alex will be a great addition to our team.

Welcome aboard Alex!

Are Your eDARTs Running the Latest Version?
Version 10 eDART users can now download version 10.7.5 from our website.

Version 9 users can download version 9.4.2 Some improvements include: added support for 16-bit multi-channel strain gage and regular scans that will detect file corruption on job start and stop and automatically fix errors.

Upcoming Industry Events
September 30
London, England
Plastics Industry Awards
October 13 - 14
Indianapolis, IN

MAPP Benchmarking Conference

October 19 - 26
Dusseldorf, Germany
K Show - Visit us in Hall 13, booth D90

RJG Events and Training - Upcoming Available Seats
Classes are always being added. See the full schedule on our website.
Remember: trained employees save you time and money!

July 11 - 14
Peterborough, England
High Performance Moulding
July 12 - 14
Addison, TX  
Systematic Molding
July 19 - 21
Peterborough, England
Module 3 – Materials Technology
July 26 - 28
Peterborough, England
Hot Runner
July 26 - 28
Knoxville, TN
Systematic Molding
August 8 - 11
Peterborough, England
Fundamentals of Injection Moulding
August 9 - 11
Woodstock, GA
Advanced eDART Training Version 9
August 9 - 11
Dayton, OH
Systematic Molding
August 9
Suzhou, China
Technology Day
For info in English Click here
For info in Mandarin click here
August 16 - 18
Peterborough, England
Module 2 – Process Control Technology
August 22 - 25
Peterborough, England
High Performance Moulding
August 23 - 25
Chengdu, China
Systematic Molding
For info in English click here
For info in Mandarin click here
Aug. 30 - Sept. 1
Woodstock, GA
Decoupled Molding Workshop
Aug. 30 - Sept. 1
Woodstock, GA
Module 1 – Melt Preparation & Plasticisation
August 30 - 31
Menomonie, WI
Burger & Brown Engineering’s Scientific Cooling Course
Click here to view all available classes.
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