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Have a Molding Problem?
The Answer Might Be Viscosity!

A word of wisdom from RJG Consultant, Chris Nomura, on putting viscosity into consideration when trying to solve your molding problem.

A student once joked with me that, "9 out of 10 times when you ask a question, the answer is viscosity." While I don't think it’s quite 9 out of 10, the student did have a point. I like asking students why things happen, and quite often viscosity is the answer. Put another way, if the viscosity of the material was either consistent or predictable, this whole injection molding thing would be easy. If, by the student's estimation, 90% of our issues come back to viscosity, it sure would make sense to track it. Continue reading.

Take our Training for a Test Drive!
RJG offers prequalified customers the opportunity to "test drive" our training for free! This trial is for training decision makers that want to see how the training can benefit their employees and understand what makes RJG training different from other training providers.

This can be conducted via a webinar, or in person if there is a consultant available near you. Contact our training department for details and to see if you qualify.


Benefits of the New MCSG Adapter:

  • Significantly Smaller Size
  • Higher Resolution
  • Better Quality Data
  • Simplified MCSG Sensor Selection Process
Say Hello to the Newly Remodeled MCSG Adapter

Our updated Multi-Channel Strain Gage adapter (SG/LX8-S-ID) is now available and will be shipping immediately.

With this new, high resolution adapter, we’re able to use higher force MCSG sensors with smaller pins, making the sensor selection process easier—almost a one-size-fits-all solution.

The enhanced adapter is fully compatible with all existing MCSG equipment, however there is a smaller mounting hole pattern than in previous versions of the adapter—details can be found in the updated manual.

An eDARTsoftware update is also required in order for the adapter to function properly. To learn more, check it out on our website, or give us a call.

Global Moldflow® Training Event

On April 11-15, RJG teams from the US and UK convened for a global training event, led by Ana Maria Marin of A-Z Solutions.

The week-long, customized Autodesk® Simulation Moldflow® training course, held at our corporate office in Traverse City, Michigan, allowed us to add Moldflow® to our list of service offerings, which also includes Moldex3D and Sigmasoft®.

The training will also help us expand our TZERO™ efforts to help customers reduce the cost and time wasted on multiple tool adjustments during a tool launch.

With experts fluent in nearly a dozen languages, we now have the ability to assist engineering and manufacturing departments from all over the world.


Passed Master MolderSM I? Take It to the Next Level

Whew… you made it through part one, but don't stop now! Master Molder II will give you the knowledge to further improve your process and make better parts by utilizing cavity pressure control strategies to accomplish Decoupled III techniques.

This course covers the proper use of instrumentation and how to achieve process control solutions through the utilization of Decoupled III techniques. It also covers how monitoring techniques are used to detect and contain suspect parts and how to do accurate machine and mold qualifications.

You will leave the course with an understanding of the improvements Decoupled III provides for process repeatability and robustness. Click here for more details and upcoming courses.

Master Molder II gives one an understanding of mold processes and why we have the problems we do with consistency. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to better themselves or further their career. -Charles Arnold, ITW Fastex
With Heavy Hearts, We Congratulate Two RJG Family Members on Their Retirement

Art Schubert, Chief Engineer

Art has dedicated the last 27 years to RJG. 20 years ago, he had a vision that he believed in so fervently that he wholly dedicated himself to it. He worked tirelessly. He overcame struggles. He celebrated accomplishments. Then four years later, the DART, which would eventually become the eDART, was born.

Since then, he’s had his hands in countless projects, from developing Lynx sensors and researching new applications for in-cavity sensing, to writing Art’s Tips and supporting customers and coworkers. Without his wisdom, his courage of conviction, his perseverance, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

Art isn’t just a brilliant mind, though. He is humble. He is kind. He is passionate. He always goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our customers receive the very best that money can buy. He sees everyone as an equal, even though his brilliance and wit outweigh even the brightest of us. Even amidst the chaos of his job, Art is always there to help out anyone and everyone—“Go ask Art” has become an everyday phrase in our offices across the globe.

Art's retirement has been in the works for a while—he has helped ensure a smooth transition and will continue to help out as needed. Art will be sorely missed, but he will forever be part of the RJG family. We thank him for everything he has done for us as a company and as his friends, and we wish him all the very best life has to offer.

Bonnie Soper, Controller

Bonnie has been part of the RJG family since 1992. Before RJG, Bonnie received her Associates in Business at Lake Michigan College in Benton Harbor, where she was named Business Student of the Year and listed as Who’s Who in American Junior Colleges.

Bonnie entered RJG as the first on-staff accountant and was in charge of everything from accounts payable to payroll. It’s no surprise that she quickly proved her extraordinary skills and was given the title of controller, expanding her responsibilities to include managing people and financial statements.

Bonnie helped the accounting department grow from one to seven and helped shape the culture and foundation of RJG. Among her countless accomplishments, Bonnie set up our first international office in Singapore in 2004, and our second in France in 2007.

As brilliantly talented as she is, Bonnie isn’t the typical accountant. She is a sharp-witted, silver-tongued, writing, dancing, adventurous soul who enjoys trying new things. Her love of writing spills over into her work and tongue-in-cheek emails every day. She is a free spirit who appreciates all that life has to offer.

Over the last couple of years, Bonnie has stepped down as Controller and taken up the role of assistant to her successor, Crystal Breithaupt. As Bonnie celebrates a successful career and begins her much deserved transition into life free from alarm clocks, regimens, and deadlines, we wish her the very best and thank her for all she has done. Her fun personality, strong dedication, and unwavering support will be greatly missed.

New Additions to Our Team
Christine Fischer

Christine has joined the training group as Administrative Assistant. She will handle class certificates, trainer travel arrangements, and registrations for classes held at the RJG Georgia & Mexico facilities.

Welcome, Christine!

Jeff Sanders

Jeff was hired as the Regional Manager of the Upper Midwest US territory. He comes to RJG after working for our rep, Norstech, for the past 4 years. Jeff has extensive experience in selling automation, machines, and RJG training and equipment to the plastics industry.

Welcome, Jeff!

Logan Teut

Logan was hired as a trainer based out of Traverse City, MI, where his primary duties will include leading Math for Molders courses and assisting with lab instruction. Logan is Bob Pike and Advanced Safety certified, and he worked as an Environmental Health and Safety Specialist in the ethanol industry before joining RJG.

Welcome, Logan!


RJG Germany Partners with The Plastics Centre

RJG Germany and the Plastics Centre in Leipzig, Germany (KUZ) have joined forces to now offer Systematic Molding courses publicly in Germany.

The goal is to bring the systematic approach overseas and demonstrate the benefits of using pressure sensors. This will globalize our efforts to improve injection molding processes, increase part quality, and lower the cost per good part.

Topics covered will include plastic manufacturing, injection molding machine structure and function, and the importance of varying the injection molding process.

The first course will be held June 7-9. Click here for course details or to register.

Read the press release in K Zeitung Magazine.

Are Your eDART's™ Running the Latest Version?
Version 10 eDART users can now download version 10.7 from our website. Improvements include: Cycle Graph pop-up annotator is now replaced by a fixed location cycle values and balance viewer, and Excessive Rejects clear function now has its own security item, called "Excessive Rejects".

Version 9 users can download version 9.4.2 Some improvements include: added support for 16-bit multi channel strain gage and regular scans that will detect file corruption on job start and stop and automatically fix errors.

Upcoming Industry Events
June 7
Milton, VT
Husky World Tour 2016 - RJG presents: Reduce Costs and Time by Adding Transparency with Collaborative Manufacturing through Systematic Molding
June 14 - 15
Novi, MI
Amerimold - RJG presents: Reduce Costs and Time by Adding Transparency with Collaborative Manufacturing through Systematic Molding
June 14 - 15
Telford, England

Plastics Design & Moulding - Visit RJG in booth #B029. RJG is also a proud sponsor of The Quick Mold Change Competition.
Learn more.

June 14 - 16
New York, NY
Plastec East - Visit RJG in booth #630. We will also have equipment in Sumitomo's booth #329 - stop by!

June 22 - 23
Erie, PA 

Penn State Erie Injection Molding Conference - RJG presents: The Next Level of Systematic Molding: Influence of Plastic Behavior on Part Design

RJG Events and Training - Upcoming Available Seats
Classes are always being added. See the full schedule on our website.
Remember: trained employees save you time and money.

June 1 - 3
Peterborough, England
Design for Manufacture

June 5 - 7
Leipzig, Germany

Systematic Molding (German) -
June 7 - 9
Peterborough, England
Module 2 - Process Control Technology
June 20 - 23
Peterborough, England
Fundamentals of Injection Molding

June 21-23
Grand Rapids, MI

Systematic Molding
June 28-30
Clinton, MA
Systematic Molding
June 28-30
Woodstock, GA
Systematic Molding
July 5 - 7
Suzhou, China
Systematic Molding - Click here for details in English or Chinese
July 5-7
Queretaro, QA
Systematic Molding (Spanish)
July 5 - 7
Peterborough, England
Module I - Melt Preparation and Plasticisation
July 11 - 14
Peterborough, England
High Performance Molding
July 12 - 14
Addison, TX
Systematic Molding
July 19 - 21
Peterborough, England
Module 3 - Materials Technology
July 25 - Aug. 8
Woodstock, GA
Master Molder II
July 26 - 28
Knoxville, TN
Systematic Molding
July 26 - 28
Peterborough, England
Hot Runner
Click here to view all available classes.
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