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Right Mold, Right Machine

A word of wisdom on putting the right mold in the right machine from RJG Consultant, Shane Vandekerkhof.

Making sure that the right mold is put into the right machine is something that could use a little more attention for a couple of reasons—one of which is the issue of machine performance. While working with many molders in the medical industry, one issue that we see time and time again is the question of barrel capacity.

A common issue with high cavity, small component medical molds is too much barrel capacity. In these types of molds, medical molders are typically forced to purchase a larger machine for tie bar spacing, which can lead to a barrel that is larger than necessary.

We typically recommend running shot sizes between 20 and 80—ideally 40 to 60—percent of the barrel capacity. In the circumstance of a larger barrel, however, machines often run well below the 20 percent mark. This can lead to potential problems that boil down to residence time. When running low barrel capacities, residence time on the material will typically increase, raising the risk of material degradation. Continue reading.

Recently Taken a Systematic Molding Class or Plan to Soon?

RJG has released a public version of our Decoupled Molding Workshop, designed to provide students with valuable hands-on machine time to reinforce the methodologies they have learned in the Systematic Molding class. Attendees will acquire the knowledge they need to dissect and rebuild a process using data-driven methodologies, then document the return on investment and reveal potential improvement areas using the current condition of the machine and mold.

Our next class will be held in Georgia this August. Students must have already taken Systematic Molding within the 6 months prior to the workshop. Click here for details.



Employee Changes

Scott Van Hoven will be transitioning from National Sales Manager to the Sales Manager – Americas, allowing him to focus on the development of our Latin American locations.

Dan Clark has moved from Regional Sales Manager to National Sales Manager and will be responsible for supporting our sales teams within the US.

Steve Zenner will be moving from his role as Sensor Manager back to Regional Sales Manager and will be responsible for supporting our customers in the Midwest.

Good luck in your new roles, guys!

Congrats to Evco for Winning Processor of the Year

We want to take a moment to congratulate Evco Plastics Inc., based in DeForest, WI, for being the newest Plastics News Processor of the Year.

Finalists also include: Dymotek Corp. of Ellington, CT; MTD Micro Molding of Charlton, MA; and Nicolet Plastics Inc. of Mountain, WI.

The Processor of the Year award honors companies with superior achievement among plastics processors. We don't want to take all the credit, but would like to point out that Evco and all of the finalists are customers of RJG. Just sayin'.


Passed Master MolderTM I? Take It to the Next Level

Whew… you made it through part one, but don't stop now! Master Molder II will give you the knowledge to further improve your process and make better parts by utilizing cavity pressure control strategies to accomplish Decoupled III techniques.

This course covers the proper use of instrumentation and how to achieve process control solutions through the utilization of Decoupled III techniques. It also covers how monitoring techniques are used to detect and contain suspect parts and how to do accurate machine and mold qualifications.

You will leave the course with an understanding of the improvements Decoupled III provides for process repeatability and robustness. Click here for more details and upcoming courses.

Master Molder II gives one an understanding of mold processes and why we have the problems we do with consistency. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to better themselves or further their career. -Charles Arnold, ITW Fastex
RJG is on Fire in the UK (in a good way)

In March of 2015, we completed the purchase of G&A Moulding in the UK. Newly rebranded as RJG Technologies Ltd., the addition now has three Master Molder Technicians (MMI), one certified Master Molder (MMII), and another employee that has spent several days dedicated to eDARTTM implementation training.

By the end of 2016, we expect to have a certified trainer, one additional certified Master Molder, and a full time customer support team. We currently have open positions for a trainer/consultant and regional account manager—we predict that business will be hot!

New Additions to Our Team
Anabel Lopez

We would like to welcome Anabel Lopez to our RJG Latin America team. Anabel will be working as a customer support representative out of our office in Chihuahua, MX. Anabel is an engineer that is fluent in Spanish and English. She will work with customers to implement RJG equipment and sensors in Latin America. Welcome, Anabel!

Charlotte Wylie

Please join us in welcoming Charlotte to RJG Technologies Ltd., located in the United Kingdom. Charlotte is our new account coordinator. Charlotte comes to us with great customer service experience. She will be responsible for supporting customers in the UK and Ireland with quotes, sales orders, and numerous customer needs. Welcome, Charlotte!

Are Your eDART's™ Running the Latest Version?
Version 10 eDART users can now download version 10.7 from our website. Improvements include: Cycle Graph pop-up annotator is now replaced by a fixed location cycle values and balance viewer, and Excessive Rejects clear function now has its own security item, called "Excessive Rejects".

Version 9 users can download version 9.4.1 Some improvements include: added support for Dual Analog Burger Brown Flow meters, Lynx protocol 3 multi-channel strain gauge support added to Lynx driver, and cycle times less than 2 seconds now allowed.

Upcoming Industry Events
April 18 - 19
Novi, MI
Moldex3D User Conference - RJG presents: Key Interactions with Simulation and Part Design
April 25 - 28
Shanghai, China
Chinaplas - Visit RJG in booth Hall E2 booth #R21
April 27 - 28
Monterrey, Mexico
PolyOne Technical Seminar - RJG Presents: Plant Floor Visibility and Advanced Control Strategies with In-mold Sensors
May 8 - 11
Charleston, SC
Plastics in Motion
May 19
ISPA Alençon (61), France
Technology Day
May 18 - 19
Florence, IN
Kraus Maffei Open House RJG Presents: The next level of systematic molding: Influence of Plastic Behavior and machine performance
June 14 - 15
Novi, MI
Amerimold - RJG presents: Reduce Costs and Time by Adding Transparency with Collaborative Manufacturing through Systematic Molding
June 14 - 15
Telford, England
Plastics Design & Moulding - Visit RJG in booth #B029
June 14 - 16
New York, NY
Plastec East - Visit RJG in booth #630
June 22 - 23
Erie, PA
Penn State Erie Injection Molding Conference - RJG presents: The Next Level of Systematic Molding: Influence of Plastic Behavior on Part Design

RJG Events and Training - Upcoming Available Seats
Classes are always being added. See the full schedule on our website.
Remember: trained employees save you time and money.

April 18 - 29
Woodstock, GA
Master Molder II
May 3 - 5
Traverse City, MI
Systematic Molding
May 3 - 6
Online - PM
Injection Molding Essentials
May 10 - 12
Peterborough, England
Module 1 – Melt Preparation & Plasticisation
May 10 - 12
Suzhou, China
Successful Strategies and Tool Launches
Click here for info in English or Chinese
May 16 - 20
Peterborough, England
Fundamentals of Injection Moulding

May 17 - 19
Menomonie, WI

Systematic Molding
May 17 - 20
Online - PM
Injection Molding Essentials -Spanish
May 23 - 26
Peterborough, England
High Performance Molding
May 24 - 26
Woodstock, GA
Successful Strategies for Tool Launches
Click here to view all available classes.
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